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Jim Hoft Interviews Donald Trump

Interview Starts at 13:00



Horrible week for the United States of America

Joe Biden will not be speaking at all tomorrow

"Because he'd be booed" - DJT

To give 85B in military equipment to the Taliban is just horrible.

They handed them a list of all the people and addresses of where they are.

Polls show 70% think the election was stolen

This was the greatest rigged election and the press doesn't like talking about it.

Decertification Talk - If you rob Tiffany's and get caught, you have to return jewels.

If they are not pushing for a forensic audit they're not going to win an election.

We developed great vaccines and therapeutics like Regeneron.

People have to have their freedoms

I believe the vaccines will save 10s of millions worldwide.

Why are we sending money to China?

Rudy Calling for treason charges on Biden over Afghanistan.

Jim and Joe have been awesome in helping push the truth over the last few years.

I would guess The Gateway Pundit accounts for nearly 10% of the linked notables I have posted since 2019. For what its worth, the Hoft brothers deserve presidential recognition for journalism.

Anonymous 09/10/21 (Fri) 11:48:19 2368cc (14) No.14553122

The Gateway Pundit LIVE with PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP 9/10/2021 @ 2:15PM

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