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Its dental floss, not tape. JRE attacks Ron and our Movement

Anonymous 08/18/21 (Wed) 20:49:30 c01608 (1) No.14392666

Rogan talkin shit bout monkey and Anon's


Jim and Ron are cool in my book, and our community owes them a huge debt of gratitude for providing us a place to organize and collaborate


Expose the shills

Don't waste the 3:40:00 unless you have the time.

AJ is a Gate Keeper / Disinfo Agent

JRE #911 - AJ and Eddie Bravo

Alot of this interview with AJ is an attempt to draw in anons looking for someone to tell them what is happening. AJ then has the ability to manipulate and distort reality for those that follow. Designed to discredit. Rogan pretends he doesn't know what is going on, but there is no way he doesn't. They are pushed and propped up by the same power structures that silence us.


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