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Introduction to the Puppet Masters

This post is a good read. Learn to trust yourself and research for yourself. Discernment


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  1. OK - time to start the train* series. A few breads back an anon posed a number of questions regarding a dig on the Vanderbuilts and possible ties to Union Pacific Railroad. >>8291147 >>8290650 Why do anons never bite in the fact that the YMCA is called the "Y?"When you consider that it's headquartered in Switzerland…

  2. When you consider the only family we've been told by Q that is cult donated HEAVILY to the YMCA… Then consider Q told us to "follow family Y around the world…" Then consider that cult family was IN THE BUSINESS OF RAIL AND STEAMSHIPS… Rub some sticks together to start a spark of almonds.

  3. Vanderbilts = Family Y = Cult. Formerly the rung above Rockefeller, Currently, the Vanderbilt role in the cult is controlled by George Soros, With the Roths being the real cult masters, in service to the devil at the time… The idea of Satan was formerly Euro Monarchs, Most recently of Saud/Zamil families. I've shown time and time again that most of these power players tie back to industries or wealthy families that are within 2 degrees separation connected to Vanderbilts.

  4. Eastman Kodak through Harris Beach lawfirm history,Gannett having been essentially called out by Q for being cult…

  5. Rockefeller through Edwin Drakes' Seneca Oil Company,

  6. Ford through the tire industry (Firestone/Edison/Burroughs and the Vagabonds, BFGoodrich, and much more. Most recently Ford purchased the former Michigan Central rail terminal)International Harvester and the McCormick family's involvement in the media industry through the Chicago Tribune and the LA TIMES (Formerly owned by rachel chandler's family). The interesting thing is that IH gets you within the political sphere of Obama,and if you follow their acquisition history, you'll find that IC Corporation, a Navistar subsidiary (formerly International Harvester) was known and acquired as AMERICAN TRANSPORTATION CORPORATION which was owned by Clinton friend Mack McLarty, BC's former chief of staff. AmTran was facilitated by then governor of Arkansas Bill Clinton, McLarty was business partners with Henry Kissinger!This is revealing all these power players as connected to a network of VANDERBILT FOUNDED, FUNDED, or INFLUENCED companies.As in a CULT.Now the question becomes, how did Soros take over for the Vanderbilts? When he took over, did the Vanderbilts ascend to new responsibilities? Were they muscled out of their role within the Cult and simply exist as cultists now?I suspect it has something to do with Union Pacific because McLarty, Bill Clinton's former CoS, was a MEMBER (as in OWNER) of Union Pacific and on it's board. Soros also owns UP,This is as far as I've been able to put together. Yes, I'm missing sauce as well. I've been trying to push this as I find new pieces of info, sauced heavily at the time,there's so much here, I cannot sauce it all at once.I"m mainly trying to get anons onto the idea that Vanderbilts = Family Y.If you go back into Q drops with that in mind, and search "Family Y" and related markers and info…Considering the above…It's too many coincidences.

If you want to help dig,

I currently need help threshing out Union Pacific.

What is its history?

Who is on the board today, and historically?

Any names of note?

Connections to Soros?

What about the McCormicks in Chicago and their connections to Obama?

Navistar received ample mil contracts during the Obama admin,

Q has stated obama undermined the mil through every means necessary…

So what part did Navistar play in that?

Who else are the McCormicks connected to?

Vanderbilts more explicitly than through the LA Times? (Which is a big connection mind you)

Where do we go from here?

What major city, chronologically, expanded the central rail system after Chicago? What major industry sprung up after Ford and International Harvester?

How does California play into this?

Vanderbilt connections in Cali beyond the Illustrated Daily sale to the LA Times?


What about through Bronfmans? Sands? Other major family names in the liquor/wine world?

Are the Vanderbilts connected to Mexico? Maybe through UP? I don't know. Honest question.

I need help anons. This has grown into a monster, and I don't seem to be getting traction within the hive mind.

I know I don't sauce well often, but this is almost like a meta dig, a lot of it is implicit and fundamental to the dig.

Following family Y (Vanderbilts) around the world revealing their connections in each major area, within each major industry.

Chronological timelines of major industries seems to be a fruitfuli guide. After Ford in the early 1900s, after McCormick in the early 1900s, what industry sprung to life next?

Prohibition and the Alcohol industry? Concocted cult 'plan' of the time?

They certainly controlled the seneca falls movement. Womens suffrage and suffragettes were a big push for prohibition,

Vanderbilt's old stomping ground in western NY.

Outright Vanderbilt wives participating…

So who benefited from Prohibition? Who failed? How do they align with this picture we're painting above?

What industry thrived nationally/meta wise, after prohibition? WW2? how do the Vanderbilts factor into that?

Obviously Euro Monarchs and Roths at that point were concocting world wide events, vanderbilts were in control of the cult within the US?

Anyway, I think everyone gets the point. Help is needed here.

Finally, If this IS true, do you think Q or POTUS would approve this or comment on it in anyway?

If it's Q clearance level classified? They can't say a damned thing. They can only talk to us through the metadata, [1] markers, and [killbox info that informs those markers], and proofs/comms through twats.

We don't need Q or POTUS to do so because the DIGS SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES.

Prove me wrong on the connections above. I'll gladly adjust, because the hive mind digging into this is more important than anyone being right.

That's the beauty about this place. Truth trumps all.


Another Anon replies

His questions:

I currently need help threshing out Union Pacific.

What is its history?

Who is on the board today, and historically?

Any names of note?


The "Union Pacific Rail Road" and "Central Pacific Railroad" were established by Congress as part of the Pacific Railroad Acts of 1862 which established the "transcontinental railroad" from Omaha, NE to Sacramento, CA. This act was approved by President Lincoln under the guise of "national safety". I did not dig into the congressional politicians involved in orchestrating this act - that will be a dig for another day. I also did not scour all the ACTs themselves, however, there is probably some great dirt in there.

It appears that the man who was placed into the Vice President position of Union Pacific, Thomas Clark Durant, had his hands into a couple earlier rail companies, "Chicago and Rock Island" (C&RI) which he joined as a broker then a second, "Mississippi and Missouri Railroad" (M&M) which he co founded with Henry Farnam also of C&RI. He was also the founder of a very shady investment company which led to his ultimate downfall - our kind of scoundrel.

History of Mr. Durant indicates that the M&M Railroad constructed the first rail bridge across the Missouri river to connect M&M to C&RI which instigated numerous lawsuits from steamboat owners. M&M/C&RI hired as it attorney none other than Abraham Lincoln to successfully defend it against the steamboat lawsuits. It was ultimately President Abraham Lincoln who approved of Durant's placement as Vice President of the Union Pacific railroad obviously due to his ties with Durant during the lawsuits.

Some digging on the Durant family name indicates origins in France, subsequent migration to England with an ultimate migration to USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Digging deeper, Durant, during his tenure with Union Pacific, made some shady arrangements with his financial firm Credit Mobilier to take stock ownership control of Union Pacific which ultimately led to a major scandal, his removal from Credit Mobilier then removal from his VP position with Union Pacific by President Ulysses S Grant.édit_Mobilier_scandal

At some point Durant was able to extract some wealth from Union Pacific and started a new rail company "Adirondack Railroad" along with the acquisition of a half million acres of property known as the "Adirondack Great Camp" which he and his son "William West Durant" heavily advertised through lavish entertainment to eventually sell off in lots to the notable and wealthy of the nation at the time, including J. P. Morgan (Uncas Camp) and Alfred G. Vanderbilt (Sagamore Camp).

It is highly likely that Durant Sr. was highly involved with these wealthy folks as part of the investments into Credit Mobilier which eventually took over stock ownership of Union Pacific. Given his failures, I would not be suprised if this was planned by the higher ups like Morgan and Vanderbilt.

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