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Interesting drop tonight

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For Night Shift I am late but we have been working hard for you.

Tick Tock The timer has begun.. [-6] A new battle has begun. You may not see it yet but in time. > You should now see this unfolding before your eyes. If you do not yet Open your Eyes and Elevate your view. If you dont see it now (You/) are blind News Unlocks your maps. > Have you made new maps regarding upcoming changes to FBI/CIA? Maps for Biden corruption? Make to so normies can comprehend… Spread far and wide. Look back to understand what is coming. REVIEW YOUR Q[l]ues! > You will need new and updated maps to expose the truth. Maps are KEY! You are KEY! What is a Keystone? Watch and see. Red_Red_Red_Red_Red (Red5 #4414) What is mirror of #4414, #4144 > Do you understand Red5. And what it means? Markers everywhere. Should make sense now? Those who can see Know. Be calm, Be Rational. Do not be goaded, there is bait everywhere. > Be Leaders not followers. You have WAY more than you know. Review all to understand what is coming. Create a picture for others. Use discernment. Think for yourself. > Do not allow the Hivemind to taint your ability to think on your own. Elevate your own view to bring others with you. <^^> this should make sense with the news coming out now! Did you see the Go8/Ministry of Truth trying to decide what could be thought and said? Bad and Good are perspective. Reason will always prevail. WRWY! Be Safe. We have it all do not risk yourself. Be smart anons. Now, Then, Forever!


16:00 in - Schiffs using what looks to be a Russian foreign agent to tell the nation about Misinformation and Conspiracy Theories

Note the date

First 30 seconds highlights a jokes about being a Russian spy also mentions a Health Blog


Disinformation Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars 6/17/2020


Blog Mentions Masters of Russian and East European Studies.

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-Heading 1

-Welcome to the Deepend!


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