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Impeachment Process Against Governor Cuomo Has Begun

On Thursday, New York Assembly Republicans officially began the impeachment process against Governor Andrew Cuomo for his potentially criminal activity relating to the nursing home scandal. The Republican lawmakers officially announced a resolution to start an impeachment commission against Cuomo. This is the first step necessary to remove Cuomo as Governor. Check out what Newsweek reported: On Thursday, Assembly Republicans announced a resolution to create an impeachment commission consisting of eight bipartisan members of the legislature. The panel would have 60 days to conduct its work and submit its findings and recommendations to the state legislature. “The Cuomo Administration’s nursing home cover-up is one of the most alarming scandals we’ve seen in state government,” Assembly Minority Leader Will Barclay said in a statement. “It is incumbent upon the Legislature to undertake a comprehensive, bipartisan review of the Cuomo Administration’s policies, decisions and actions on this matter and render a decision on what steps must be taken to hold the governor accountable.” Cuomo is under intense fire from both Republicans and Democrats in the state of New York. On Monday, the New York governor falsely claimed that legislators in the state Assembly and Senate were told that there was a “pause” in responding to lawmakers’ requests for data relating to the nursing home scandal. That claim by Cuomo was immediately denounced by New York state Democratic legislators. Relating to the “pause,” Cuomo said: This past year, there was a toxic political environment and everything gets politicized and there’s political spin and then there are facts — two very different things and I just want to be sure people have facts. Last August, Department of Justice sent a letter to Democratic governors, four of them: New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania asking for information on public nursing homes. New York State Legislature also sent a letter asking for information on nursing homes. We paused the State Legislators’ request while we were finishing the DOJ request.

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