Guaido Signs 1st ‘Presidential’ Decree to Allow Aid in Venezuela

Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido, who proclaimed himself the country’s interim president, issued his "presidential" decree number 001, in which it is said it authorizes the deliveries of humanitarian aid to Venezuela.

"As the commander-in-chief of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces, I am confirming the decision allowing humanitarian aid enter the territory of Venezuela. Thus, I am ordering various elements of these forces to act in line with this instruction," the decree, published on Guaido’s Twitter page on Thursday, read.

The Venezuelan parliament, led by Guaido and controlled by the opposition, on Tuesday authorized the international humanitarian aid deliveries to the country, too. The cargo is expected to reach Venezuela on Saturday.

However, the government of President Nicolas Maduro has been opposing the deliveries, saying they might justify foreign intervention in Venezuela.

Venezuelan opposition leader Guaido will personally accompany a convoy of “humanitarian aid” which is now stockpiled in Columbia as it makes its way into Venezuela, Reuters has reported earlier.

Meanwhile, US National Security Adviser John Bolton said that Venezuelan military should let "peaceful civilians at the Colombian and Brazilian borders" to "peacefully bring in humanitarian aid", warning that any infractions "will not be forgotten."

Tensions flared up in Venezuela in January when opposition parliament speaker Juan Guaido declared himself interim president, disputing last year's re-election of Maduro. The United States almost immediately recognized the opposition leader and were followed by a number of other countries. Russia, China, Mexico, Turkey and Uruguay, on the other hand, were among those that voiced their support for Maduro as the country's legitimately elected president.

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