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God bless you and the United States of America too.

Pray for Jim


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James Watkins @thejimwatkins God bless you and the United States of America too. 10:08 AM · Dec 4, 2023 · 1,541 Views




I’d like to call out to the influencers in the house. There was a time when I had influence. I had a big budget operation with plenty of customers and cashflow. Your time as an influencer is limited. There is no recovery allowed by those That take away your income. There is no rebuilding yourself. They want you dead. They want you shut up permanently. Begging for forgiveness will not solve your dilemma. Billionaires have been brought down to their knees by these monsters. Do you think that Tapdancing around on TikTok and YouTube can let you compete at that level. I want you to know. You have to stick to your guns and double down on red pilling the nation, the world, and everyone. We won’t win this. Our liberty and freedom will be lost for generations if you tiptoe around and avoid confronting the monsters. Maybe a frontal assault isn’t wise, but a plan is. Make a plan. Stick to it, and use what rights you have left to shout them out to the world. Coercive and overbearing forces will only be subdued by positive and godly actions. Don’t stop digging. Don’t stop memeing, and don’t stop praying.

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