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Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and President Bill Clinton smile together in new photos

Anonymous 04/24/21 (Sat) 20:52:23 bf8f94 (7) No.13505195

Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein and President Bill Clinton smile together in never-before-seen images GHISLAINE Maxwell grins as Jeffrey Epstein and President Bill Clinton shake hands during a tour of the White House. The never-before-seen images obtained by The Sun on Sunday can be published for the first time, following the heiress’s court appearance on Friday. Ahead of her sex trafficking trial, Maxwell’s family has launched a website with a glowing biography and highlighting her supposed achievements after moving to the US in 1990. But there is no mention of the White House bash in September 1993 — where she and her paedophile ex-lover were VIP guests of the President. They toured Clinton’s residence and the East Room during a reception after Epstein gave £7,280 to the refurbishment of the Oval Office. A source said last night: “The photos show just how close Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein got to one of the most powerful men in the world — in the most powerful building.” Maxwell and Epstein were known to have befriended Clinton and took him on an African tour in Epstein’s “Lolita Express” jet, after the president’s eight years in the White House. But these pictures show them already cosying up to Clinton just a year into his presidency. The White House reception — hosted by both Clinton and wife Hillary — was for people who contributed towards the £290,000 renovation via the White House Historical Association. Records pulled from the William J Clinton Library and Museum, in Little Rock, Arkansas, show both Epstein and Maxwell’s names on the guest list. An A is placed next to their names, indicating they planned to attend. White House social secretary Ann Stock, who was listed in Epstein’s little black book, was the reception’s point of contact. Epstein is said to have been in White House at least three times, according to US website the Daily Beast. Clinton, 74, has always denied knowing anything about Epstein’s crimes. Epstein killed himself in a New York jail cell in 2019, after being arrested on suspicion of running a child sex trafficking ring.

Credit: William J. Clinton Presidential Library

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