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General Flynn delivers Remarks at First Annual Celebration of the New Federal State of China



General Flynn - Expert in Unrestricted Warfare

"I am on a mission across the United States of America, to not let this Country go the way it has going right now. We are in a major transition period in the history of the United States of America. As long as I breathe the fresh air of Liberty, the fresh air of freedom. As long as I breath that fresh air I am not going to allow this Country to go the way of communism, Marxism, or Socialism."

"I am passed the stage in my life, where I worry about me. We worry about our children."

The Bill of Rights are the values that we live by.

The United States Constitution is 4500 words and take the average reader 30 minutes to read it.

The Bill of Rights give us the Ability to be free and give us the right to have the life that we the people want to have. The Constitution is the fulfillment of the promises found in those freedoms, in those Bill of Rights, in those values and principles that we have.

I'm about to go on a tear over the next few months. There is an awakening in our Country. A big revival a big reformation.

Unrestricted Warfare. Wasn't written at the time on how to operate in the future. Written on how to become the sole superpower.

Donald Trump won this last election. There is no doubt about it.

Who are your partners, Who are your allies?

This will not be easy. This will come with sacrifice. This will take you giving your absolute potential.

When you maximize your potential, you have to take risk. If you don't take risk you'll achieve nothing. You have to get into the arena. and leave it all there

You cannot achieve anything in life unless your willing to sacrifice. Sacrifice time, Sacrifice your life in some cases. (MIL)

When we talk about the formation of New Ideas, New Countries, New Nation States. You have to take a look at yourself and have the conversations in your community and reach across to other communities. Communities that care deeply about freedom. Were not about to give it up.

As you create, as you form, when you write just like the founders did for the United States of America. They didn't wake up one Thursday night and write the Constitution, it took them decades to formulate that, decades to get to the place that they needed to be. John Adams, John Locke, Ben Franklin.

We cannot live in tyranny, we can not live in a dictatorship.

We must shine a light on the problems that exist, and then we talk about all the good things that were going to bring to that light. We have to make sure as we talk, we do it in a way that actually encourages and enlightens people, and makes people want to turn to this.

Who are your Champions? Not everybody is going to be a Champion, or have the wherewithal to standup and do something. Not everybody has that skill. Some people are good writers, organizers. This is warfare we are in.

Unrestricted Warfare

Information Warfare - Lets not fire a shot

6 elements - first five have to do with never firing a never firing a shot.

Creep in. Boiling frog analogy

There are 10-20 millions of patriots everywhere that are not willing to give this Country up.

Since the end of WWII, around 1949 and a couple of years later, the formation of the big idea of what was happening, China has been on a role, on a path to be the world superpower.

Reminder to the CCP leadership: If it wasn't for the United States of America and its Military it would be bowing down at the altar of Japanese Imperialism.

China today is a great enterprise because of the United States giving that to them.

I will go to the gates, I will do whatever I need to do to protect and defend this Country, The United States of America. Anybody that wants to breathe the fresh air of Liberty that wants to join me in that endeavor, your more than welcome. I will be here, and I will be fighting for you.

God bless you.

God Bless America.

God bless the New Federal State of China.

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Jun 04, 2021

Love Flynn's passion but a mandatory draft .. NO! That's Not Liberty!

I remember Viet Nam .. our government has been wrong too many times >_<

Jun 04, 2021
Replying to

I served in Germany for my first duty station and I was actually really impressed with the system they were using. It was more or less mandatory public service in support of the nation (many options were available or pursuing education in high demand fields. It wasnt so much of a mandatory enlistment as it was a way to build a national spirit. Terms were short, I believe a year or . 18 year olds gain skills and life experience that will benefit them for a life time. This only works with an citizenry that trusts their government and thats just not were were at right now. After patriots are firmly in control, in full view, it would probably b…

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