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Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich denied bail

Tamara Lich DENIED Bail Faces 10 YEARS for Criminal Charge Mischief, Truckers Freedom Convoy Canada Feb 22, 2022 WARCAMPAIGN

BREAKING: Freedom Convoy leader Tamara Lich has been denied bail by an Ottawa judge. #cdnpoli ""There is a substantial risk you will continue these actions and will not abide by an order," the judge told Lich. "Your recent history in our city … satisfies me that you're detention is necessary for the safety and protection of the public." The judge also said that Lich was being "guarded" and that her attitude was "almost to be obstructive." Lich faces a charge of mischief, meaning she faces up to 10 years in prison. "The accused is liable, upon conviction, a lengthy term of imprisonment," the judge said."


Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich denied bail by judge who ran as a Liberal candidate


Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich denied bail Lich was denied jail because, in part, the judge believed that there was a risk that she would continue criminal actions.


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