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Former Detroit Police Chief and Gubernatorial Candidate James Craig Calls For Forensic Audit of 2020

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Former Detroit Police Chief and Gubernatorial Candidate James Craig Calls For Forensic Audit of 2020 Election 100 Percent Fed Up – On May 12, 64-year-old former Detroit Police Chief James Craig announced his retirement from the force he worked so hard to clean up after taking the helm in 2013. Craig began his career as a Detroit Police officer 44 years ago. Chief Craig has always been a strong advocate of the 2nd Amendment and even suggested citizens of Detroit purchase guns and learn how to use them in self-defense. He recently appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show to discuss the lack of support for police officers under the Biden regime. He also addressed Joe Biden’s desire to implement gun control policy, One month later, on Tucker Carlson’s Fox News show, Craig announced he’s running as a Republican candidate for governor against Michigan’s tyrannical Governor Gretchen Whitmer. His decision to run as a GOP candidate stunned many of his supporters who are dyed-in-the-wool Democrats. Detroit CBS Local reports – In 2020, Craig faced criticism for his handling of George Floyd protesters. Groups like Detroit Will Breathe called for his resignation. Craig called the protesters “outside agitators” that were mainly from outside the city. On September 29, the former police chief flew to Florida to meet with President Trump. So far, he has not received Trump’s coveted endorsement. However, the former police chief’s latest statement may change that, as Trump has already thrown his support behind up-and-coming conservative rock-star Kristina Karamo for Secretary of State and Antrim County Constitutional Attorney Matt DePerno for attorney general. Both candidates are fighting for election integrity in Michigan. Front and center in their fight for election integrity is a forensic audit of the 2020 election. Craig is appealing to Michiganders of all political persuasions. While BLM was burning and looting major cities across America, James Craig somehow managed to keep the riots out of Detroit. He’s also popular for his pro-2nd Amendment stance. Only moments ago, Craig sent out a message to his supporters in Michigan with a link to an op-ed in the Detroit News.

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