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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis CPAC Speech: “Hold The Line, Stand Your Ground and Don’t Ever, EVER, B

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis delivers a speech from CPAC 2021 which is being held in Orlando. Governor DeSantis is leading the way to manage COVID-19 without shutting down schools and businesses. As DeSantis notes the COVID infection rate is lower in open Florida than 23 lockdown states. Additionally, the unemployment rate in Florida is far below the national average despite the tourism industry suffering due to the virus.

DeSantis talks about what he did to secure the 2020 election, and the reform he instituted in Broward County. Also the state legislature is currently working on laws to stop ballot harvesting in the state; along with another initiative in the battle with Big Tech that DeSantis is leading to stop censorship, targeting and privacy violations.

The Florida governor talks at length about the failure of the Republican establishment and the need to continue pushing the MAGA agenda domestically and within foreign policy. DeSantis also paid tribute to Rush Limbaugh an American hero and Florida resident.

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