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First-of-Its-Kind Art Installation Appears to Levitate the Tip of a Giza Pyramid

Personally I interpret this notable as the top of the pyramid is now removed and a symbol of humanity rising above the power structures, which would lend to a white hat op. Many big markers coming up. Notable either way.

Anonymous 10/31/21 (Sun) 22:10:24 cd0d67 (5) No.14896629

Symbolism will be their downfall First-of-Its-Kind Art Installation Appears to Levitate the Tip of a Giza Pyramid The landscape of Egypt’s Giza Plateau and its famed pyramids has changed dramatically over the millennia. When it was first built around 2600 B.C.E., the Great Pyramid featured a gleaming gold cap on its peak, and its sides shone bright white thanks to a finish of polished limestone. The Great Sphinx, meanwhile, might have originally depicted an ordinary lion rather than a mythical creature. More than 4,500 years after their creation, the pyramids have lost their sheen, and the reclining sphinx’s head has long since been chiseled into its current human form. The changes don’t stop there. As Aimee Dawson writes for the Art Newspaper, contemporary artists continue to reinterpret the historic site with enormous, site-specific installations, including French artist JR’s Greetings From Giza, which seemingly levitates the top of Giza’s second-largest pyramid.


Anonymous 10/31/21 (Sun) 22:11:20 cd0d67 (5) No.14896639

>>14896629 Symbolism will be their downfall “Together” Art Exhibit at the Giza Pyramids An installation entitled Together, by Lorenzo Quinn, is displayed close to the Great Pyramid of Giza in Cairo. The exhibition, Forever Is Now, features sculptures around the Giza plateau, with works by Egyptian and foreign contemporary artists.


> I looked into the artists a bit and is noteworthy.

Paper and Glue (2021)

In theaters Nov. 12

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