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Fight With Kash & Ric Grenell file defamation suit against fired deep state employee

Fight With Kash & Ric Grenell file defamation suit against fired deep state employee Date: 08/08/2022 Richard Grenell v. Olivia Troye Notes: Former government employment Olivia Troye smeared former Acting director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell, which caused Grenell to file a defamation lawsuit. Summary Defendant Olivia Troye is a disgruntled former government employee who is on a malicious smear campaign against her political rivals. Plaintiff Richard Grenell is the former acting Director of National Intelligence and the former United States Ambassador to Germany; he is a target of Ms. Troye's smear campaign. Specifically, Ms. Troye interjected herself in a Twitter exchange between Ambassador Grenell and a United States congressman and lied by alleging that Ambassador Grenell has ties to Nazis in Germany and that he tried to get Vice President Pence to attend a white supremacist event. The allegation is as vile as it is false. Ambassador Grenell has spent his career fighting against extremists and bigots, as Ms. T1·oye well knows. In fact, Ambassador Grenell has shattered barriers, rising to become the first openly gay American to serve in a President's cabinet. Ms. Troye knew her statement was a lie when she posted it; she also made the allegation with reckless disregard for the truth. Upon Ambassador Grenell's request for her to prove her statement or retract it, Ms. Troye responded with silence. Ms. Troye has not retracted or deleted her false statement on Twitter, a global platform viewed by hundreds of millions of people daily. Ambassador Grenell seeks to hold Ms. Troye accountable for her lies and states as follows in support of his Complaint

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