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Field Report and Some Thoughts

Field report and Thoughts :

I work in a very diverse environment that is largely Democrat leaning due to union brainwashing. Those who work around me know I am a huge Trump supporter, and they have been openly opinionated about my support of him in the past. This is despite my effort to stay calm and reasoned in my approach to any discussion that they may have initiated. However many of my coworkers are growing more concerned with what is going on. I believe some are starting to see that precipice and it is forcing them to analyze the world around them for the very first time. Our current situation has many people regretful of some life choices they have made. The things they choose to fill their lives with. Bad habits and unhealthy behaviors become more apparent during times of crisis. Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, Pride. Many are changing careers, working remotely or homeschooling. Major life decisions are taking place in households across our Country and many are completely in the dark.

Almost all of my coworkers have remained calm unaffected towards me despite the uncertainty and fear. Right after Biden was declared the winner by MSM, many of them refused to make eye contact with me, seemingly avoiding communication with me at all cost. I was able to dispel that tension with simple common courtesy. "Hello" and "Good morning" go a long way. I always attempt to be polite and friendly to everyone I meet. I believe it helps make the world a better place. And this is what I don't understand about how the MSM plans twist my words. When I have been here preaching Truth, Love, and Peace for 2 years now on the record.

-Reach out to people with love in your heart and they will be more receptive to you.

Communicate your ideas proudly with like minded people in the presence of the opposition. A friendly conversation is much more effective at changing hearts and minds, then two people shouting at each other. Be so sure of yourself, that you can defend your position with evidence and facts. Never argue very long with someone who refuses to have a civilized discussion or is unwilling to consider any other point, perspective or criticism. Learn ways to shut these people down fast. I like to misdirect these people with red pills that I can tell would interest them and tell them where to look it up. I find it is much easier to effect change though social media where you can link evidence to support your claims. This is a major reason they are censoring us on nearly every platform and now attempting to paint us as violent extremists. Ive been at this for three years, and not once has Q or any legit anon advocated for violence. The truth will ultimately prevail.

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