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Side Note And Graham Citing Constitutionality

-Side note

Apologies for being somewhat MIA last few days. At work and have also been slammed with personal phone calls from friends and family asking if I know whats is going on. My wife and I hosted a dinner last night with some old friends and filled them in to a level I felt they were comfortable with. Glad to see back up and running. Praying everyone is doing well. Huge Thank You to the Bakers, Anons, and Operators who weather this storm day in and day out.

I'm still watching all this from a 40,000 ft view and honestly the possibilities are endless. We saw Graham call for the validation of the fraudulent votes, voice trembling with fear. We saw him called a "traitor" by citizens in the airport. Now he pulls back from the Democrats impeachment attempt citing Constitutionality?

Ill admit, I have had some moments of concern over the last week. I see how MSM is trying to frame us. Will they be successful? I have no idea, but they still hold influence over those that choose to not look for themselves. Will a huge shock to the system wake the masses from their slumber? For the concerned, I suggest leaning on God. Put your trust and faith into Him and to stand up for truth and justice. Let your voices be heard



"If a senate trial is not constitutional, then the remedy of disqualification is unavailable to the Congress as a punishment for the unconstitutionally impeached president."

My letter to Democratic Leader Schumer. The Senate should vote to dismiss the article of impeachment once it is received in the Senate. We will be delaying indefinitely, if not forever, the healing of this great Nation if we do otherwise.

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