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“Experts” Claim Vax Refusers Need to be Deradicalized or Reeducated Like Cult Members & Terrorists

Anonymous 12/10/21 (Fri) 13:14:17 6a35d8 (33) No.15171239

“Experts” Claim Vax Refusers Need to be Deradicalized or Reeducated Like Cult Members & Terrorists In 2016, after the horrifying attacks by extremists in Paris on Charlie Hebdo, the satirical magazine, on a Jewish supermarket, and on the Bataclan concert hall — which left 107 people dead — France made the decision to open reeducation camps. In these camps, alleged radicalized Islamists would “be taught their patriotic duties and forced to undergo psychological treatment in an attempt to counter jihadist indoctrination.” The move was highly controversial and drew criticisms from human rights experts, including survivors of China’s reeducation camps for Uighurs. Though the criticisms were well-founded, the crimes of those they were trying to stop were well documented, and left a blood trail that shook the country to its core. Fast-forward to 2021 and “experts” in the United Kingdom want to begin similar reeducation or “deradicalization” operations. This time, however, they aren’t trying to convert violent extremists responsible for the murder of over 100 people. This time, they are targeting those who refuse the vaccine. The Independent interviewed one of these so-called experts who is advocating for “deradicalizing” folks who refuse the jab and his comments are certainly shocking. Professor Stephan Lewandowsky, chair in cognitive psychology at the University of Bristol, thinks that those who refuse to take the jab are akin to batsh*t crazy tinfoil hat-wearing loons, who think Hilary Clinton is a lizard. Seriously. “They’ll refuse anything – ‘I’m not going to wear a mask’, ‘I’m not going to get vaccinated’, ‘I don’t think climate change is happening’, ‘Covid is a hoax’, and, you know, ‘Hillary Clinton is actually a reptilian shapeshifter’,” he told the Independent, adding, “You’re getting to people who hold a cluster of very exotic beliefs – now, they’re very difficult to reach.” Lewandowsky called this faction of folks who choose not to take the jab, “hardcore refuseniks” who cannot be reached through conventional means — so, they need to be treated like cult members or terrorists. “In the ideal world, time and money permitting, you can engage even those people in a very slow, long-term process where you affirm their right to have those beliefs… rather than telling them something about themselves they don’t want to hear, let’s put it that way,” he said. “So you tell them something positive, and then engage in what is effectively the same as a deradicalization process for former terrorists, or cult members.” By this logic, Joe Rogan and others — who have had covid-19 and choose not to take the jab because they trust their natural immunity — are akin to terrorists or cult members. “Because we’re really talking, when we get down to that small number of committed refusers, we’re talking about the psychology of cults and extremism, and it’s a very similar psychology.” But is it really cult-like to not want to take a vaccine that was approved in record time for a disease that 99% of people survive? Let’s ask the prominent members of the Democratic Party what they thought last year?


Anonymous 12/10/21 (Fri) 13:35:42 e378e9 (30) No.15171336

>>15171239 lead up to "re education" camps

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