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Every Deleted Parler Post, Many With Users' Location Data, Has Been Archived

Ive taken a hard look at both platforms over the last couple days and really do not see a comparison as far as functionality and security. With recent revelations, I will not be utilizing Parler any longer.

If you've been in the Q community for a while you may remember MAGAmemes archive that was linked in the breads early on. I cannot find the link to the original archive and I'm not sure that it is still active but I had incorporated it into my Archives and those folders are labeled with an MM prefix if they have been moved outside of the original file structure. This MAGAmeme archive was distributed, I believe in the first few months of the Q Operation. With in the archives was this image file.


There is also this news showing Amazon and Apple dropping the app from the app store.

In the wake of the violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol by scores of President Trump’s supporters, a lone researcher began an effort to catalogue the posts of social media users across Parler, a platform founded to provide conservative users a safe haven for uninhibited “free speech” — but which ultimately devolved into a hotbed of far-right conspiracy theories, unchecked racism, and death threats aimed at prominent politicians.

The researcher, who asked to be referred to by her Twitter handle, @donk_enby, began with the goal of archiving every post from January 6, the day of the Capitol riot; what she called a bevy of “very incriminating” evidence. According to the Atlantic Council’s Digital Forensic Research Lab, among other sources, Parler is one of a several apps used by the insurrections to coordinate their breach of the Capitol, in a plan to overturn the 2020 election results and keep Donald Trump in power.

Five people died in the attempt.

Parler Forced Offline After Amazon Pulls Hosting ServicesParler has gone offline after Amazon made good on its promise to drop the controversial social… Read more

Hoping to create a lasting public record for future researchers to sift through, @donk_enby began by archiving the posts from that day. The scope of the project quickly broadened, however, as it became increasingly clear that Parler was on borrowed time. Apple and Google announced that Parler would be removed from their app stores because it had failed to properly moderate posts that encouraged violence and crime. The final nail in the coffin came Saturday when Amazon announced it was pulling Parler’s plug.

In an email first obtained by BuzzFeed News, Amazon officials told the company they planned to boot it from its clouding hosting service, Amazon Web Services, saying it had witnessed a “steady increase” in violent content across the platform. “It’s clear that Parler does not have an effective process to comply with the AWS terms of service,” the email read.

Operating on little sleep, @donk_enby began the work of archiving all of Parler’s posts, ultimately capturing around 99 percent of its content. In a tweet early Sunday, @donk_enby said she was crawling some 1.1 million Parler video URLs. “These are the original, unprocessed, raw files as uploaded to Parler with all associated metadata,” she said. Included in this data tranche, now more than 56 terabytes in size, @donk_enby confirmed that the raw video files include GPS metadata pointing to exact locations of where the videos were taken.


Ron's Twitter account is now deactivated


DEC 11, 2020

Why 8kun’s former admin is at war with right-wing star Dan Bongino

by Mike Rothschild <-- lol


I've always liked Dan as a news personality, but would like to see him address some of these security concerns asap.

Fake Parler Account pushing disinfo as Ron

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