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Dr Shiva - Maricopa County Envelope Explanation – County ADMITS Images Were Modified Before Delivery

Anonymous 10/02/21 (Sat) 15:34:45 04455a (17) No.14707157

Dr. Shiva Responds To Maricopa County Envelope Explanation – County ADMITS Images Were Modified Before Delivery Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, M.I.T. Ph.D., the Inventor of Email issued a response to Maricopa County’s explanation as to why the “Verified & Approved” envelope stamps appeared to be photoshopped. Dr. Shiva was contracted by Arizona auditors to analyze mail-in ballot envelope images and his findings were highly suspicious, to say the least. A poor explanation from the county raised even more questions from Dr. Shiva. Apparently, the county compressed the images before delivery to the Senate instead of giving the real unaltered envelope images. Shiva describes the explanation as “somewhat cryptic”, then follows up with questions addressing the SOP for envelope image processing. Dr. Shiva’s letter to Randy Pullen: Arizona State Senate c/o Randy Pullen Re: Response to County Explanation of Stamp “Behind” Envelope Triangle Dear Randy, Thank you for sharing with me the “County Explanation” concerning the anomaly EchoMail detected of the “VERIFIED & APPROVED MCTEC” stamp appearing “behind” the triangle. Their explanation stated: “Since the scan is compressed the envelope only takes the outline of things like an arrow or large font. So the stamp was simply stamped over The Black arrow and in a scan it appears to be under it.” This explanation is somewhat cryptic, and our follow up herein is, therefore, based on our interpretation of their explanation (see I). Moreover, their explanation raises many new questions, and provides an opportunity for further dialog with the County to understand the specific Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) of the image processing methods and what steps they follow in the systems for Early Voting Ballot (EVB) return envelope processing.


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