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Dr. David Clements LIVE! Bad ActorsEXPOSED, Coup Attempt REAL

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>>14374573 Dr. David Clements LIVE! Bad ActorsEXPOSED, Coup Attempt REAL, All Lies REVEALED! Stew Peters Show Published August 16, 2021 31,676 Views


Dr. David Clements is a law professor at New Mexico State University.

Clements was a long-time Deputy District Attorney that oversaw six law enforcement agencies and prosecuted thousands of cases.

Clements rose to national prominence after standing up to his university's mistreatment of conservative students and faculty.

In the past two weeks, Clements has spent personal time with Mike Lindell, Lin Wood, General Michael Flynn and President Donald Trump.

Dr. Clements joined Stew Peters for an extremely candid conversation on 'The Stew Peters Show'

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