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Donald J. Trump - Waco Texas, March 25 2023

Updated: Mar 26, 2023

6:00 PM

Anonymous 03/24/23 (Fri) 23:47:41 6c4b53 (22) No.18576446


Trump Walkout & January 6 Choir JUSTICE FOR ALL! Pledge of Allegiance!


Anonymous 03/26/23 (Sun) 00:19:32 29d6b7 (2) No.18582375

Our biggest threat are high level politicians that work in the United States Government

>'China was actually in deep trouble'… "The problem isn't China, isn't stupid people that have to deal with China"


The stakes of this election could not be more clear, either we surrender to the demonic forces abolishing and demolishing our Country or we defeat them in a landslide in November 2024. Either the Deep-state destroys America or we destroy the Deep-state. That's the way its got to be. Either we descend into a lull-less abyss, open borders, rampant killing, super hyper-inflation, and festering corruption, or we evict Joe Biden and the Democrats from the White House and we Make America Great Again!



Anonymous (You) 03/26/23 (Sun) 01:05:47 b9bda1 (1) No.18582532

Trump Force One Departing Waco

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