(Dig) Again, Maggie "Wendy" Nixon is NOT Mariah "Sunshine" Coogan

A helper anon dropped some intel this morning and I dug further.

For some reason this was not taken as notable.

Maybe I missed the information, but the fact that Maggie Nixon, the child that Obama ‘dated’, is still ALIVE, somehow escaped me…and that she probably is Lauren Hutton’s daughter.

Maggie Nixon has at least 4 unmistakable facial characteristics.

Mole above lips on her left side.

Front teeth have gap.

Chicken Pox scar on her forehead above nose/left eye area.

An ‘Iris Line’at 8 o’clock on her right eye.

These 4 facial characteristics can be seen in the photo Maggie (as a child) with Obama and in the Green Book pic with Lauren Hutton (Nov 2018).

Sorry if this is old news, but the impression given was that Maggie Nixon was ‘Mariah Sunhine Cogan’ and that she was killed in a plane crash in April of 2018.

Maggie Nixon was photographed with Lauren Hutton at the premiere of Green Book in November 2018 in NYC.

The main point is that the little girl pictured with Obama is ALIVE.

Hope this clears things up to anons who were confused as I was.

See this morning’s breads (1/15/2019) for more pics. Bread 6080 No. 4764195.


https://8ch.net/qresearch/res/4770182.html#4770597 All 8ch links should be considered NSFW and it is suggested to use a quality VPN as well

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