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Devolution - Part 23 Truth is a Force of Nature

Devolution - Part 23

Truth is a Force of Nature

Patel Patriot (Jon)

Jun 15


Anonymous 06/22/22 (Wed) 04:56:03 6c67b3 (4) No.16487508

We Are At War: The Calm Before The Storm

Act for America 2016 Conference, Part 2

Stephen Coughlin, a former intelligence analyst for the Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke about potential terrorist threats to the U.S. homeland. He talked about his former work and his critiques of American intelligence and homeland security agencies. Mr. Coughlin also expressed his concern about operational inadequacies at some of those agencies. He used slides during his presentation and then responded to questions from members of the audience. This was a National Security segment of ACTCON 2016, Act for America’s “National Conference and Legislative Briefing: Taking Back America’s Security.”


Anonymous 06/22/22 (Wed) 05:10:07 6c67b3 (4) No.16487522

>>16487498 Another interdasting tidbit from Devolution 23: Pics related.


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