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Daughter of MN Supreme Court Justice and CEO of Allina Health, Found Dead in Sorority Parking Lot

WCCO - CBS Minnesota @WCCO

BUFFALO SHOOTING UPDATE: Wright County officials say there were no bombs or explosives detonated at the Allina Health Clinic Tuesday. | 1:41 PM · Feb 9, 2021



Needs more digging

Who was Gregory Ulrich?

What is Margaret Chutich working on with?


#12875186 at 2021-02-10 02:37:10 (UTC+1) Q Research General #16434: Anon Ebake With Solid Dough Edition

Here's the narrative: Buffalo shooting: Gunman Gregory ulrich a 'wack job' who just got legal firearm: report The gunman who killed a nurse and injured four other people inside of a Minnesota health clinic Tuesday had a vendetta against doctors because they refused to give him painkillers and had recently been given a permit for a legal firearm, a report said. Gregory ulrich, who killed at least one nurse at the Allina Health Clinic in Buffalo outside of Minneapolis, had a particular grudge against one doctor and even affixed a sign in front of his mobile home calling the professional a "quack," former roommate Raymond Zastra told FOX 9. "He didn't like the doctors because they wouldn't give him all the painkillers he wanted. They'd give him a month supply, and it would be gone in a few days," Zastra, who lived with ulrich in his trailer for two years until last July, told the outlet. The former roommate said ulrich was often high on painkillers and was seen sniffing glue, smoking marijuana, drinking excessively and would "just sit on the couch high." see also Buffalo shooting: Gunman opens fire inside Minnesota health clinic A year ago, Zastra said he saw a letter Ulrich received that granted him permission to carry a weapon, even though local cops "knew he was a wack job." "He showed me a new handgun he got, I said, 'What?' You shouldn't have a gun," the roomie recalled. The Buffalo Police Department and the Wright County Sheriff's Office both said ulrich was well known to the department and "had a history of conflict" with incidents dating back to 2003.


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