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Credit Suisse Data Leak

Anonymous02/22/22 (Tue) 11:01:56168c7f (2)No.15691098

SUISSE BANK LEAK FROM ORIGINAL SOURCE WITH THE INFORMATION. THE SUISSE BANK LEAKS AND WHAT IT MEANS, SWITZERLAND THE DEN OF THE BANKSTERS !!! Note: Anon spend a lot of time reading and chasing up leads also taking in the narrative of the Guardian article - In a nut shell, the guardian made out that all the corruptions was in the past and historical, most people had their accounts closed and the bank did nothing wrong, they named the journalists who worked on the story putting their lives in danger and said of the B.I.S that it had set out the guidelines and so could not he held accountable. Utter crap, typical deflection whilst letting off the guilty and literally setting the assassins of the corrupt after those who worked on the leaked info from a insider of the suisse bank who remain anonymous. There are multiple articles on this link but below is the link to it and will take a while to get to the details to post a summary. ===========

Everything you need to know about the leak Until now, Swiss bank accounts have been a closely guarded secret. But now an anonymous source has leaked a huge treasure trove of data from Credit Suisse to the SZ. For the first time it can be shown how kleptocrats, autocrats and criminals stashed their money there. ---------------– The source, who gave the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" internal bank data from Credit Suisse, criticizes the Swiss legal system - and sees the voters as having a duty.

--- The Suisse Secrets data was leaked to the Süddeutsche Zeitung more than a year ago via an anonymous digital mailbox . The anonymous source - it is unclear whether it is a man, a woman or a group - has explained their motivations in an accompanying text. The source did not attach any content-related conditions to the transfer of the Suisse Secrets data. The SZ also did not pay for the data or provide or promise any other consideration. After examining the information, the SZ decided to share and evaluate the data with the Organized Crime and Corruption Reporting Project (OCCRP) and dozens of media houses from around the world - including the British Guardian , the New York Times and Le Monde in France . The document contained the heading "Why I did it ". The SZ documents the statement of the source in excerpts: "I believe that Swiss banking secrecy is immoral. The pretense of protecting financial privacy is merely a fig leaf to cover up the nefarious role of Swiss banks as collaborators with tax evaders. Even if the Common Reporting Standard [ CRS, a procedure on international banking data exchange; Editor's note ] is a step in the right direction to prevent tax evasion, many developing countries are not covered by this agreement.Moreover, the CRS requirement of reciprocity places a disproportionate financial and infrastructural burden on developing countries, so that they remain excluded from this system for the foreseeable future.This situation makes corruption possibleand deprives developing countries of much-needed tax revenue. So these countries are the main victims of the Swiss inversion of the Robin Hood principle. I would like to emphasize that the responsibility for this situation does not lie with the Swiss banks, but with the Swiss legal system. The banks are simply good capitalists and maximize their profits within the legal framework in which they operate. Put simply, the Swiss legislators are responsible for enabling financial crime, and the Swiss people have the power to do something about it because of their direct democracy. While I'm aware that banking secrecy is partly responsible for Switzerland 's economic success story , I firmly believe that such a rich country should be able to afford a conscience. (…) I am aware that having a Swiss bank account does not necessarily indicate tax evasion or other financial crimes. I am sure that some of the accounts (…) exist for legitimate reasons or have been reported to the tax authorities in accordance with the relevant legislation. However, it is likely that a significant number of these accounts were established with the sole intention of hiding the account holder's assets from tax authorities and/or avoiding tax on capital gains."

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