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Could the USA reclaim all of American CCP held Property?

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POTUS is going to have a hell of a LOT of CCP owned property and companies to seize for interfering in our f***** elections! Does China own a massive chunk of Hollywood? Is the American MSM compromised by Chinese money? Who is the first president to stand up to China and fight for the interest of the American people? Chinese-investors own AMC Theatres, Legendary Entertainment, & the Golden Globes. They've also poured money into Universal Pictures, 21st Century Fox, Warner Studios, Lionsgate, and this is just the "tip of the iceberg". Did you know that the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, & ABC all have financial ties to China? Is it starting to make a little more sense why they want you focused on "RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!" or why the MSM hates @realDonaldTrump? Between 2002 & 2016, Chinese state-owned or state-linked companies acquired more than $120 billion worth of assets in 40 states across the U.S. Chinese-investors have even poured money into US financial giants like; Blackstone, BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, Morgan Stanley, Visa and US tech companies like; IBM, Snapchat, Uber, Lyft, Airbnb, Tesla, Reddit, and Yahoo. Now do you get why the MSM ignores China (Global Superpower), but wants you focused on "RUSSIA! RUSSIA! RUSSIA!" or why the MSM hates @realDonaldTrump and continues to lie about the POTUS and the 2020 election? Wall Street and Washington DC are getting rich in China. thread…


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