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Cindy McCain - Party has lost its way and No Name would be "fighting to bring it back".

Anonymous 07/07/22 (Thu) 19:00:30 cdb162 (5) No.16666806

Cindy McCain said the Republican Party has lost its way and that her late husband, former Sen. John McCain, would be "fighting like the dickens" to "bring it back" if he were still alive today.



Anonymous07/07/22 (Thu) 19:46:082ace07 (8)No.16667116

>>16667058 >We don't say his name returning to prime time. Biden awards Medal of Freedom to John McCain, Simone Biles by Alex Gangitano - 07/07/22 3:52 PM ET


Anonymous 07/07/22 (Thu) 19:37:54 7afc55 (17) No.16667058



McCain's widow will lead an observer mission in the presidential elections in Ukraine

Cindy McCain, widow of US Republican Senator John McCain, will be an observer at the presidential election in Ukraine.

She wrote about this on Twitter, reports New Time… Under the photo with Vitali Klitschko, Cindy McCain noted: "It's always nice to see an old friend."

McCain, along with Daniel Twining, will lead the mission of the International Republican Institute. She had already arrived in Kiev and met with the mayor of the capital, Vitaly Klitschko.

“I don’t know a better way to honor my husband’s memory than to demonstrate continued support for freedom in a country he has been so deeply involved with,” McCain wrote.

The senator's widow added that her husband was an ardent supporter of the Ukrainian people and their will. He called his visit to Ukraine during the Euromaidan "one of the most expensive experiences he has ever had."

“Now I understand why he loved Ukraine,” the widow said, posting a photo in which the senator takes pictures of people on the Maidan of Independence in Kiev at the height of the 2013 events.


We don't say his name.


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