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China: Communist Party Members Share Letter Urging Removal of Xi Jinping

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China: Communist Party Members Share Letter Urging Removal of Xi Jinping Communist Party leaders have reportedly begun circulating a letter demanding an emergency Politburo to address dictator Xi Jinping’s poor performance leading the country, Radio Free Asia (RFA) revealed on Monday. The author of the letter, which does not identify him or herself, urges three senior Communist Party officials – Premier Li Keqiang, Chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference Wang Yang, and Vice President Wang Qishan – to convene a special Politburo meeting to discuss “Xi’s issues.” A copy of the letter highlighted by Asia Times notes that Xi’s failure to contain the Wuhan coronavirus outbreak adds renewed urgency to a discussion on his exacerbating tensions with the United States, failing to run basic government operations like functional schools and hospitals, and pouring money into “backward nations” in Africa. “Given the current severe situation of the new coronavirus epidemic, the domestic economy, and the severe situation of international relations, we are strongly calling for the urgent convening of an enlarged Politburo meeting to discuss Xi Jinping’s issues,” the letter reads.

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>>8554613 China's President Feeling The Pressure From Dissent in Own Party President Xi Jinping is under growing political pressure from within the ranks of the ruling Chinese Communist Party over his handling of the coronavirus crisis. An open letter circulating online since last week calls for an emergency, expanded meeting of the Politburo to discuss "Xi's issues" and to decide if he should step down from his leadership of party, government and military. The letter says Xi's handling of the coronavirus epidemic should be discussed, but also the trade war with the U.S. and his fueling of mistrust of China in Hong Kong and Taiwan. The letter was shared to WeChat by Chen Ping, founder of Hong Kong-based broadcaster SunTV, according to Deutsche Welle and Radio Taiwan International. Chen wrote in a WeChat post: "I saw it in a WeChat group, and I felt that it was moderate and rational, so I reposted it." "But I don't know who wrote it," he said. "A lot of other people reposted this anonymous letter online." Former Tsinghua University politics lecturer Wu Qiang said the letter comes soon after the disappearance and presumed detention of social media star and property tycoon Ren Zhiqiang. Ren is currently incommunicado, believed detained, after an article critical of the government's response to the emergence of the coronavirus in Wuhan appeared online. Health authorities in China are reporting no new infections in the central city of Wuhan where the COVID-19 epidemic first emerged, but local residents have said they fear there could be a resurgence of new cases amid an ongoing official cover-up.

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