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Byrd or Bailey - Re: Ashli Babbitt

POTUS asked who shot Ashli Babbit and Sergeant at Arms slips a name the very next day?

Notables are NOT Endorsements


Anonymous 07/04/21 (Sun) 18:09:40 0744ff (17) No.14054659 House Sergeant At Arms ‘Slips Up’ & May Have Just Revealed Name of Ashli Babbitt’s Shooter by Kyle Becker



Anonymous 07/04/21 (Sun) 19:52:05 a895e3 (31) No.14055295

Byrd may be dis-info??? possible Trump gave him the medal of honor to Bailey to highlight the medal and the other scammers that got it from Obama, Bush, etc???? Related to the Capitol Baseball Shooting. But the Byrd guys name just gets slipped out????? Why would they let that name slip. Same bracelet on both guys, or they look a lot alike???


/// The above post could be disinfo as well ///


Anonymous 07/04/21 (Sun) 19:23:03 8d33c6 (18) No.14055110


Anonymous 07/04/21 (Sun) 19:29:46 8d33c6 (18) No.14055156

some are saying the name Byrd is being slipped to be dis-information??? but it may be this other guy??? David Bailey??? (The Capitol Baseball shooting guy) or is it Michael Leroy Byrd??? same bracelet?? what is that bracelet


Anonymous 07/04/21 (Sun) 18:46:33 8d33c6 (18) No.14054892

How is it that the MSM cannot figure out and share on the MSM broadcasts the name and IMAGE of the Ashli Babbitt shooter, who "shot" her, but we can all figure it out pretty easily

and prove it pretty much with a few images from day of "event"? Is it that she is not really dead? (Movie) Or is it that the officer that shot a WHITE WOMAN is a BLACK MAN? How would that fly so close to George Floyd "death" and Derek Chauvin sentenced to prison.

How would BLM and defund the police handle a black cop shot an unarmed woman with no warning. WHITE LIVES MATTER is not on their agenda. HMMMM Pay attention to the wrist.

Is that some kind of beaded bracelet Looks pretty random and uncommon of a design don't you think? BREAKING: Police Lieutenant Who Shot and Killed Ashli Babbitt – Lead Murder Suspect in Ashli Babbitt Case By Larry De Luca 1 March 2021 (Screenshot above)


Anonymous 07/04/21 (Sun) 19:15:25 8d33c6 (18) No.14055049

Pay attention to the wrist.

Is that some kind of beaded bracelet

Looks pretty random and uncommon of a design don't you think?

Mask, skin color, bracelet, hairline, suit, fingernail shape.



Anonymous07/04/21 (Sun) 19:54:30a895e3 (31) No.14055311

>>14055295 all of a sudden all the news is making sure we say it is Byrd??? It is like they are doing a "all black guys look the same" shit?

I would be careful saying for sure it is Byrd or Bailey.

But the bracelets are interdasting.


Anonymous 07/04/21 (Sun) 20:11:53 a895e3 (31) No.14055413

re: Ashli Babbitt The name "BYRD" just happens to leak from the mockingbird media now that Trump pushing for the name and rallies. Is the fake news doing something here with BYRD? I will wait and see on this one. Hairlines, bracelets, black, capitol cops, mask, leak >We have always been warned about LEAKS >we may being conned re: BYRD "leak" ???? >is shooter really Bailey?


Anonymous 07/04/21 (Sun) 19:09:39 8d33c6 (18) No.14055011

John Sullivan knows

he was part of the fakery fuckery


Anonymous 07/04/21 (Sun) 19:13:21 8d33c6 (18) No.14055034

A must watch

a must share video

that YT took down when it was at almost 500K



Anonymous07/04/21 (Sun) 20:42:22a895e3 (31)No.14055599 media on page Video of the shooting by James Hodgkinson that David in Crystal Griner stopped (above) Archived in happening directory. David Bailey graduated from North Carolina Central University in 2007, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Physical Education. His extracurricular activities included membership in Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and participating in Student Government Association


Ashli Babbitt was Immediately shown in Q gear.


Pretty epic thread just kept going, with some stories worth revisiting.


Anonymous 07/04/21 (Sun) 20:45:35 a895e3 (31) No.14055614

>>14055599 when do we tie in the train accident with all the congress people like Paul Ryan? Train carrying Congress members slams into garbage truck 5,796 views Jan 31, 2018


Anonymous 07/04/21 (Sun) 21:04:56 a895e3 (31) No.14055715

haaahhaaaa take out a few words and the headline could be current day


62,505 views Jan 17, 2019




Jan 17, 2019

The video below is hysterical!

President Trump shut down a boondoggle trip by Nancy Pelosi and a delegation of Democrats declaring that they shouldn’t go anywhere during the partial government shutdown. President Trump is right! He said Pelosi can pay for the PR trip on her own dime.

The group had boarded a bus to go to Andrews Airforce Base for their flight but ended up circling the Capitol in confusion. Priceless!

Fox News’ Peter Doocy breathlessly reported on what was happening:

Remember that during the time the bus was circling, furious calls were going back and forth because President Trump canceled the trip one hour before departure. LOL!

Nancy Pelosi’s luggage was placed outside her office:

(Anonymous07/04/21 (Sun) 20:56:49a895e3 (31)No.14055677)

This is why Americans LOVE President Trump!

Yesterday, Democrat Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, unwillingly revealed to Americans that Democrats are losing support for their unpopular decision to shut down the government over their refusal to fund a wall on our southern border. In a letter to President Trump, Speaker Pelosi explained that she felt his State of the Union address to the American people should be postponed until after the government is reopened. Pelosi cited “security concerns” as a reason for making the decision to cancel his State of the Union speech. Unfortunately, for Nancy, Secret Service almost immediately rebuked her claim in the letter that because of the partial government shutdown, the Secret Service would be unable to do fully execute in their jobs to keep everyone safe.

Today, President Trump sent Democrat Speaker of the House a letter to inform her that she and her congressional delegation would not be using a military plane to fly them to Brussels, Afghanistan, and Egypt for a scheduled public relations trip.

In his letter, President Trump slammed the entitled Speaker of the House, telling her: “I am sure you would agree that postponing this public relations event is totally appropriate. I also feel that, during this period, it would be better if you were in Washington negotiating with me and joining the Strong Border Security movement to end the Shutdown.”

Trump also gave the multi-millionaire lawmaker, Speaker Pelosi, the option to fly on her own dime (commercial) if the trip was so important to her.

Near the end of his letter, President Trump told Nancy that he thought it would be better if she stayed back in Washington and worked to end the government shutdown instead of traveling overseas on a public relations trip.

He ended his letter with, ” I look forward to seeing you soon and even more forward to watching our open and dangerous Southern Border finally receive the attention, funding, and security it so desperately deserves!”


President Trump

Not only did Trump cancel her public relations trip, which would have provided cover for the Speaker to hide out in another country during the shutdown, forcing fellow Democrats to face the 800,ooo government workers Democrats are harming with their political stunt, he also had her luggage delivered back to the Speaker’s D.C. office.

The Washington Free Beacon reports- Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s luggage has been returned to the halls of Congress by cart, according to a picture sent to the Washington Free Beacon by a tipster.

BREAKING: Full cart of luggage has been returned to the halls of congress after @realDonaldTrump cancels @SpeakerPelosi‘s foreign trip

— Brent Scher (@BrentScher) January 17, 2019

The picture shows the luggage was returned to Pelosi on “military liaison” marked carts.

Pelosi’s bags were packed for a congressional trip to Belgium and Afghanistan, but the trip was canceled just before the delegation was set to leave by President Donald Trump, who let her know in a letter that she would have to fly commercial if she still wanted to make the trip.


Ashli Babbitt was Immediately shown in Q gear.

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