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The big picture on Imported goods sitting in ports around America

Had to share the digits

The below notable is from Brian Cates. Related suggested read: "Devolution" by: "Patel Patriot". You will notice this 'over arching theory' has been presented before. The Cargo Ship back ups provides more evidence to the theory. "Devolution" is a long read, but I decided to start doing an audio recording of it on my second read through, hopefully to make the information more accessible.

PEADS = Presidential Emergency Action Documents


Anonymous10/23/21 (Sat) 18:44:37ca167c (19)No.14843615


Anonymous 10/23/21 (Sat) 19:52:52 2c1550 (30) No.14844077

Praying Medic, [23.10.21 12:35]

[Forwarded from Kriss]

[ Photo ]

Praying Medic, [23.10.21 12:35]

Forwarded from Brian Cates== - Political Columnist (Brian Cates)

☝️☝️☝️Pay attention to the next post below. I’m going to SHOW YOU the Executive Order this person I’d referring to.

You know every explanation proffered by Biden and others to explain the backlog - “we don’t have enuff cranes, of truck drivers, no wait it’s COVID,etc. etc.!” is bullshit, right?

So don’t be to quick to dismiss this.

A lot of people ALREADY SETTLED on a narrative that the globalist cabal is doing this themselves as part of the Great Reset strategy. Biden is fully in control and lying about why he’s keeping all those cargo ships circling around out there.

You cannot reverse a previous President’s EO’s involving a national emergency while that national emergency is ongoing. You also cannot reverse the previous President’s PEAD’s. Biden will NEVER come out and admit his hands are tied, he has to do this. Instead he and his impotent administration are forced to mumble one lame excuse after another.

To reverse Trump’s EO’s signed and instituted and triggered into operational status by a national emergency, Biden would have to declare an end to the COVID pandemic. I’m pretty sure one of PEAD’s Trump signed involved his successor not being allowed by the military to reveal the election interference EO has become active. So Biden hasn’t declared an end to the national emergency because he can’t. Also, I’m pretty sure behind the scenes Trump’s EO on election interference being triggered activated several PEAD’s Trump signed that the Democrats in Congress are still trying get information about with their 1/6 commission subpoenaing Trump and Bannon. They will never get the information they’re frantically trying to uncover.


Anonymous 10/23/21 (Sat) 19:54:15 2c1550 (30) No.14844084


May 16th - 2020


Executive Order 13848 Sec. 3. (b) and (ii)

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