Bread Notables 13730-13739 - Complete

Notables are NOT endorsements #13739 >>10735085, >>10735143, >>10735227, >>10735237 planefaggin >>10735395 Huber twat w/cap >>10735366 🔴 Watch LIVE: President Trump Holds Campaign Event in Vandalia, OH 9/21/20 >>10735359, >>10735393 BREAKING: Pascale Cecile Veronique Ferrier Identified As Suspect In Poison Letter Sent To Trump >>10735337 BAG FOR STRIFE Council sparks panic by telling people to prepare ‘grab bag’ ready to ‘flee home immediately without time to pack’ >>10735326 McConnell Speaks on GOP Effort To Replace RBG vid >>10735288 Biden "allegiance" for the Keks! >>10735242 Here is a list of SCOTUS noms that took LESS than 42 days…. >>10735229 Potus: Early voting in MI has started…… >>10735203 A Conversation With Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif of Iran vid >>10735171 BARR: Democrat Hysteria Will Undermine The Very Institutions They Claim To Be Protecting >>10735052, >>10735064 Potus: Heading to the Great State of OHIO, will be there soon! #MAGA >>10735039, >>10735121 Herridge twat w/cap >>10735006 You think they’re panicking over #RBG ? Just wait till Roberts resigns soon… >>10734991 New Flynn w/cap >>10734987 Corporations Going ALL OUT With Massive Leverage! Debt Expansion Will Create Havoc? >>10734977 George Soros Ties to WikiLeaks >>10734953 POTUS delivers remarks before boarding Marine 1 vid >>10734939, >>10734969 Market Report >>10734934 U.S. flies B-52 bomber near Russia days after Russians flew pair of supersonic bombers off Alaska >>10734918 The ‘Oxford Black Panther’ behind Britain’s first black-led political party vows to make white men ‘our slaves’ >>10734906, >>10735044 Secretary Pompeo Hosts an Interagency Press Event on Iran Snapback Sanctions vid >>10734894 Parsons Selected for $69 Million in U.S. Air Force Contracts >>10734889 US Dow Plummets 509 Points Amid Fears of Pandemic Worsening >>10734857 FBI Agent Who Uncovered Weiner Laptop with Hillary’s Emails says FBI Leadership Told Him to Erase All of His Findings >>10734844 POTUS LIVE: President Trump Holds Peaceful Protest in Vandalia, OH - 21 September 2020 >>10734838 Struggling Lufthansa to slash MORE jobs on top of previously announced 22,000 cuts >>10734831, >>10735018 LMPD declares state of emergency ahead of Breonna Taylor decision >>10734828 NO VOTING RIGHTS or Fed FUNDS FOR THESE DEMOCRAT AREAS >>10734819 DeSantis declarations >>10734818 Arizona Senate Race Could Impact Supreme Court Confirmation >>10734813 Madrid calls for army’s help as Spanish capital heads for partial lockdown amid Covid-19 surge >>10734807 The pidgins life that ended near Grassley farm this wknd hailed from the Sheboygan flying club in Wisconsin I stand corrected it wasn’t a “pet” it was a racing pidgin thx to my followers for the info >>10734805 New York City police officer spied on fellow Tibetans for China, prosecutors charge >>10734801 New FOIA - Calendar of Sally Yates (January 2017) >>10734795 An unborn baby’s dying wish at Planned Parenthood today… “Fill the seat.” >>10734785 Terrorists beware the US Army >>10734782 People are beginning to turn on each other….now we here that Andrew Weissmann when asked if Mueller had let the American people down: "Absolutely, yep.". >>10734781 Former police commander: Immigrants are behind the wave of violent crime blighting Sweden, but the authorities refuse to admit it >>10734765 Boko Haram kills Nigerian Army’s Colonel DC Bako >>10734763, >>10734811 @USNavy That's a lot of firepower. >>10734759, >>10734824, >>10734861, >>10734865, >>10734794, >>10735095 Justice Barbara Lagoa deets >>10734736 Politico: PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP is scheduled to spend the night in Miami on Friday night the hometown of one BARBARA LAGOA, a candidate for the Supreme Court. >>10735429 #13739 Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration. #13738 baker change >>10733998 Assange Hearing Day 10—Fairbanks Testifies Trump Ordered Assange Arrest >>10734011 Archaeologists Claim 27 Egypt Sarcophagi Unopened For 2,500 Years >>10734013 DoJ news: Chicago Tech Executive Charged with Illegal Export of Computer Equipment to Pakistan >>10734014, >>10734027 Seven Soros-Linked Groups Behind Left's Push on Student Loans >>10734031 Trump Signs EO Reinstating Pre-Nuke Deal Iran Sanctions over UN Objections — Sanctions 27 Additional Targets >>10734035 AG Barr speech at Hillsdale College | The Constitution and the Rule of Law (repost - worth watching) >>10734040 Violent Mass. Sex Trafficker Sentenced To Prison >>10734057 Report: COVID pandemic likely 'could have been prevented' if China, WHO acted differently >>10734077 Judicial Watch Sues State of Illinois for Refusing to Disclose Voter Roll Data in Violation of Federal Law >>10734101 GOP Lawmakers Introduce “Hold Rioters Accountable Act” >>10734132 Mueller 'Pitbull' Weissmann Lashes Out at Mueller and Fellow Russia Probe Lawyers in New Book >>10734141 Rep. Collins to introduce constitutional amendment to prohibit SCOTUS packing >>10734147 Judicial Watch Sues US Dept. of Transportation for Records of Communication with DC Government Over Black Lives Matter Street Painting >>10734148, >>10734152 Manhattan Federal Judge orders Post Office to expedite Nov. election mail >>10734164 Jerusalem court orders extradition of Melbourne teacher Leifer accused of 74 pedo charges >>10734234 Palestinian security forces detain dozens of supporters of Pres Abbas' rival >>10734239 US military exercise Valiant Shield Sept. 14-25, Mariana Islands >>10734243 CDAN reveal mentions Pamela Anderson, George Soros, Julian Assange, others >>10734262 Track S. 4424: Holding Rioters Accountable Act >>10734272 LIVE: McConnell, Schumer speeches re: Ginsburg >>10734302, >>10734409 FBI charges NYPD Officer Baimadajie Angwang as Illegal Agent of China >>10734309 Navy fires Kai Torkelson, Cdr Norfolk VA Naval Shipyard ("loss of confidence") >>10734321 US Marshals rescue 35 missing/endangered children age 13-18, Cleveland, OH area; >20% cases referred to Human Trafficking Task Force, Cuyahoga County >>10734378, >>10734398 China CCP military propaganda used Hollywood footage >>10734392 POTUS LIVE:Campaign Event in Swanton, OH @ 19:00 EDT (vid) >>10734394 Allegation: Family of Assange Judge Profits from the Case >>10734414 Pennsylvania Legislature Preps Federal Lawsuit to Challenge Mail Voting Rulings >>10734439 Sentenced! Undercover ICE Special Agents intercept NE Texas man preventing his murder, necrophilia, & cannibalism of minor plot >>10734449 Ivanka Trump and Bill Barr discuss human trafficking (vid) >>10734480 Biden on TV - Fox >>10734484 Victor Davis Hanson @ Hillsdale College—The Weird Election Year of 2020 (vid) >>10734432 US billionaire and Clinton campaign donor Ahmad ‘Andy’ Khawaja arrested in Lithuania >>10734498 DoJ: US Taxpayer in Panama Papers Investigation Sentenced to Prison >>10734510 DoJ: South Korean Jong Woo Son indicted in DC for largest online child sex exploitation market >>10734540 Sen. Hawley will Only Vote for a Justice Who Understands Roe v. Wade Was ‘Wrongly Decided’ >>10734545 More on arrest in Montreal of alleged ricin mailer woman >>10734491, >>10734547 CDC walks back COVID airborne transmission "posted in error" >>10734555 Swedish Space Corp. Ceases Assisting Chinese Companies Operate Satellites >>10734562 China loses access to Swedish-owned satellite trackers in Australia due to 'complex' market >>10734311, >>10734424, >>10734564 Planefags >>10734615 #13738


>>10733844 Foot Locker to Turn Stores into Voter Registration Sites

>>10733841 Treason (Funk & Wagnells_1952)

>>10733835 Barr on the role of U.S. Marshall’s and human trafficking

>>10733743 CNBC: New York City police officer Baimadajie Angwang arrested on charge of acting as illegal agent for China

>>10733696 Man Admits Using Kik to Solicit, Receive and Distribute Child Pornography

>>10733686 The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office has arrested an officer for a felony charge of bribery of a public servant.

>>10733669 U.N.E.S.C.O. (Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia, 1952)

>>10733663 demonstrators demanded Al-Sisi stand down

>>10733656, >>10733659 DOJ $101M to combat human trafficking

>>10733633 6/25/18 How Comey intervened to kill WikiLeaks' immunity deal - By John Solomon

>>10733625 Black Voices for Trump

>>10733602 Prince Charles wants a military campaign against global warming. vid

>>10733584 DESANTIS briefing in full. Rule. Of. Law. In. Florida.

>>10733575 CDC Beclowns Itself, Admits it Randomly Posted on Website Unproven Guidance that COVID-19 Remains Suspended in Air

>>10733530 There’s a new federal court to handle all the expected COVID vaccine-injury claims

>>10733522 Acting as Fed’s agent, JP Morgan is buying all silver to save Comex

>>10733515 NTSB looking into crashes that killed 10 people in 4 states

>>10733504 China to lose access to Australian space tracking station

>>10733499 The banks are in trouble yet again

>>10733493 Army mints new cyber research and development agreement with Estonia

>>10733475 Navy’s undersea warfighting command celebrates 5 years

>>10733454 COUP 53 Sheds New Light on How CIA and MI6 Brought Tyranny to Iran

>>10733448, >>10733556 Trump 'Approved' Assange Pardon In Exchange For Source Of DNC Leaks: Court Testimony

>>10733442 McEnany previews Trump's coming Supreme Court nomination

>>10733414 The Bee: Giggling Trump prank calls Merrick Garland to tell him he's ben shortlisted for scotus.

>>10733403 Donald Kendall, the former PepsiCo CEO who turned the company into a global consumer products powerhouse, has died.

>>10733402 Oregon Fire Map, Update as Nearly 1 Million Acres Burned and 6 Accused of Arson

>>10733399, >>10733461 The Central Intelligence Agency announced Monday the launch of its first-ever federal lab……

>>10733393 Indictment Charges Alaska Man for Threatening a California Synagogue

>>10733380, >>10733520 Refresher: United States: FinCen Issues Statement Regarding Publication Of Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs)

>>10733375 US Marshals: 35 missing kids recovered, Cleveland, OH

>>10733371 Delingpole: Boris Goes Full Fascist Against Lockdown Protests – But Not BLM or XR

>>10733370 Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase, HSBC and others laundered $2 trillion in sketchy transactions linked to drug dealers, terrorists & human traffickers.

>>10733349 Mexican Border State Mayor Calls for Executing Drug Lords

>>10733323 Farage: ‘Say No!’ to Second National Lockdown, Reject Boris Johnson’s ‘Elective Dictatorship’

>>10733320 DeSantis announced his support for a sweeping crackdown on what he called “unlawful assemblies” statewide.

>>10733305 TikTok Parent Company ByteDance Disputes $5 Billion Government Fee in Deal with Oracle

>>10733303, >>10733310 (Ana Stoliarova) Lithuania + (Ahmad Khawaja) diggz

>>10733301 ViacomCBS Launches Mass ‘Vote For Your Life’ Campaign

>>10733299 Trump narrows down list to 4 women, won't announce nomination till after RBG funeral.

>>10733281, >>10733294 Thousands of child porn images found at home of Southern Utah man who runs popular YouTube channel

>>10733280 Trump says to expect SCOTUS nominee Friday or Saturday, after Justice Ginsburg's funeral

>>10733276 Stephen Cohen Has Died; Remember His Urgent Warnings Against The New Cold War

>>10733270 First Lady Melania Trump Hosts Sickle Cell Disease Roundtable at the White House

>>10733267 Sedition (Funk & Wagnells_1952)

>>10733260 Space Force continues work securing space from cyberattacks

>>10733253 Microsoft To Buy 'Doom'-Maker Bethesda Softworks For $7.5 Billion

>>10733249 Army Approaches Goal of Destroying Chemical Weapon Agents

>>10733238 H.R. McMaster: Some WH Advisers ‘Cast Themselves In The Role Of Saving The Country And Maybe The World From Trump’

>>10733231 Funding patch would avert shutdown through Dec. 11, fund Navy’s Columbia program

>>10733224 China Military Releases War Simulation Video Of Attack On US Guam Base

>>10733900 #13737

#13736 >>10733082 Far Left DC Mob Harasses Senator Lindsey Graham at 6 AM — Blast Bullhorns, Flash Strobe Lights and Try to Enter His Yard >>10733074 Large QAnon flag at the front of the line at Trump’s Swanton OH rally >>10732993, >>10733098 On paper Lagoa runs circles around Barrett. >>10732939, >>10733076 Emmys: Jimmy Kimmel and Anthony Anderson Chant Black Lives Matter + >>10732930 Amy Coney Barrett and her 2 Haitian Kids >>10732922 Kentucky GOP lawmaker indicted on assault, accused of strangling woman with ethernet cable >>10732919, LIVE: Human Trafficking Roundtable with Attorney General Barr and Ivanka Trump Barr live discussing human trafficking >>10732892 Chris Matthews: Trump is right to show respect for RBG. True presidential behavior. Far too rare. >>10732890 Colerain Township man indicted on 23 sex charges involving children >>10732844 BAE awarded $111M contract for Navy's Archerfish mine neutralizers >>10732829 Feinstein: "The DOGMA is strong in you!" >>10732822 Army gives green light to shape vehicle electrification requirements >>10732806 @USMC Moto Monday >>10732780 DeSantis presser now >>10732754 The Chinese authorities threaten not to renew the 12-month residency visas and "go after family members as a way to exact punishment and revenge." >>10732641 Ginsburg Supported Election-Year Confirmations and Opposed Court Packing >>10732623 Stealth Bomber - Red line [-21][-20][-19][-18]………. >>10732551 ICYMI: Department of Justice Identifies New York City, Portland and Seattle as Jurisdictions Permitting Violence and Destruction of Property >>10732541 Woman gets "nailed" by LEO Child Protection for soliciting minors. vid >>10732462 Sleepless in Seattle, the Mayor Durkan remake >>10732454, >>10732556, >>10732719 Oh Look: Black Lives Matter Removed the Insane "What We Believe" Page From Their Website #13736 #13735 >>10731680 Prince Charles Calls For 'Military-Style Campaign' to Fight Climate Change >>10731710 Magnitude 3.4 earthquake felt near Temescal Valley, California >>10731723, >>10731751 Pedo Joe Claims Nearly Two-Thirds Of Entire Population Have Died From COVID-19! >>10731745 U.S. Secret Service twat: Do you live near Swanton, OH? SS and our partners have established a temporary "No Drone Zone" today, September 21st. >>10731754 Microsoft to acquire publisher of ‘Doom,’ ‘Elder Scrolls,’ ‘Fallout’ for $7.5 billion >>10731756 US officials accuse Khawaja, who holds Lebanese/US passports, of illegally transferring 3.5B euros to Hillary Clinton's 2016 presidential campaign >>10731792 Video of A.G. Barr's brilliant speech/Q & A, Constitution Day at Hillsdale College >>10731798 George Soros is indeed an enabler of U.S. street violence >>10731821 Fox News Is Accused of Hiding George Soros’s Influence >>10731793, >>10731826, >>10731853 Biden admits he doesn't have a chance! >>10731863 30-Year-Old Man Arrested in Connection With Manhattan Subway Derailment Sunday >>10731888 "Putin Has Banned Rothschild And His New World Order Banking Cartel Family From Entering Russian Territory" >>10731904 Multiple people have been reported missing across Maryland in recent weeks, and we are hoping you can help bring them home. >>10731936 Pro-Life Group: Ginsburg Used Sex Discrimination Law to Impose ‘Unlimited Abortion Regime’ >>10731952 Secretary of State Pompeo Holds News Conference on Iran Sanctions >>10732044 ASoros: Don't make the election about the court or we will lose >>10732106 Raytheon Wins Navy Deal to Support MK-31 Missile Program >>10732130 Why China Is Suddenly Buying Record Amounts Of American Crude Oil >>10732165 The Art of the Deal >>10732173 Justice Ginsburg will lie in repose on Wednesday and Thursday of this week at the top of the main staircase outside the Supreme Court. >>10732263 #China appears to be moving towards some kind of mobilization after October 1st >>10732312 TAKE BACK THE HOUSE #VoteDemsOut - Ami Bera California 7th #13735 13734 >>10730899, >>10730930, >>10731003 Protest In Front of Lindsay Graham's house in DC NOW >>10730921 Let’s Not Forget Mueller’s HSBC Money Laundering Scandal (2017) re >>10730208 (PB) HSBC in big trouble >>10730943 A DARPA-Funded Implantable Biochip To Detect COVID-19 Could Hit Markets By 2021 >>10730957, >>10730974, >>10731251, >>10731387 TRUMP ON FOX RIGHT NOW (SCOTUS nominee to be named this Friday or Saturday) >>10730958 4 die when plane bound for Louisiana CRASHES in Texas >>10730962, >>10730963, >>10730981, >>10731365, >>10731420 FinCEN Files >>10730984 Second AstraZeneca volunteer reportedly suffers rare neurological condition, UK company says not related to vaccine >>10731005, >>10731030, >>10731085, >>10731170, >>10731187 DOJ Identifies NY City, Portland, Seattle as Jurisdictions Permitting Violence/Destruction of Property >>10731334, >>10731449, >>10731535, >>10731581, >>10731550 DOJ Identifies NY City, Portland, Seattle as Jurisdictions Permitting Violence/Destruction of Property >>10731007 Philippine Air Force receives first four of six Super Tucano aircraft >>10731019 I'm dead set on confirming @realDonaldTrump’s nominee (Video) >>10731027, >>10731103 MSM: QAnon Linked to at Least 44 Election Candidates in 2020—and Some Could Win >>10731031, >>10731101 U.S. Air Force twat: on importance of using time wisely in a high-stress career field like air traffic control >>10731106 Lindsey Graham twat: Being lectured by Democrats about how to handle judicial nominations is like an arsonist advising the Fire Department >>10731228, >>10731245 markets in the red this morn >>10731232, >>10731240, >>10731243, >>10731255 DOJ: combined settlements rank as “largest False Claims Act recovery based on allegations of small business contracting fraud.” >>10731282, >>10731283 Why Is FOX News Preventing Negative Reporting of George Soros? Gingrich and Toensing Speak Out >>10731386, >>10731431, >>10731434 FBI Agent Who Uncovered Weiner Laptop with Hillary's Emails says FBI Leadership Told Him to Erase All of His Findings >>10731437, >>10731475 Doug Collins twat: re Dems packing Supreme Court and introducing a Constitutional Amendment >>10731451 McConnell locks down key GOP votes in Supreme Court fight >>10731456, >>10731470, >>10731527, >>10731556, >>10731561 Military Revealed as Top Funder of Gene Drives; Gates Foundation paid $1.6 million to influence UN >>10731460 Track & Follow at the DoJ >>10731534 LIVE: Secretary Pompeo Hosts Interagency Press Event on Iran Snapback Sanctions - 11 a.m. >>10731542 Planefag Reports >>10731599 #13734

13733 >>10730270 Sauceless Notables on Parade >>10730261 RED PILL for normies…. Google: couple dies minutes apart from covid FAKE NEWS STORY OF THE YEAR >>10730228, >>10730252 Ruth Bader Ginsburg Was More Than A Political Icon REST IN POWER ? Guess she couldn't rest in peace HUFFPOST? >>10730222 PF spots an X2 over UK >>10730213 Datefagging Q >>10730208 HSBC in big trouble (The National\Youtube) >>10730206 ‘Emergency’ investigation: House Democrats threaten to impeach AG Barr (Washington Times) >>10730187, >>10730193 A Look into Clown World (Caps) >>10730184, >>10730200 Professional Divisionfaggotry "Race Theory" (City-Journal) >>10730168 President Trump’s long history of kindness goes unreported by mainstream media (OAN\Youtube) >>10730163, >>10730174, >>10730194, >>10730211, >>10730234 South China Sea Review/Discussion July-Aug-September (Youtube\South China Morning Post\ASEANPLUS News) >>10730159 LIVE: Rapper M.I.A. attends Assange extradition trial in London (Think of why it is titled as such…Censorship?) (Ruptly) >>10730157 WATCH: Jennifer Aniston Fails to Put Out Fire After Jimmy Kimmel Burns Envelope to ‘Sanitize’ it in Emmy Bit Gone Wrong (MediaIte) >>10730148 Late LB Notable "#1 Alternative to Dredge" ( baker change >>10730300 A woman suspected of mailing President Trump a package containing highly-toxic ricin poison was arrested by federal authorities on Sunday >>10730303 Representative of Iranian Regime’s Supreme Leader Claims IRGS Will Kill President Trump >>10730329 Remarks by Attorney General William P. Barr at Hillsdale College Constitution Day Event >>10730334 Kim Klacik’s Campaign Ad Part 2 “The Plan” >>10730385, >>10730647, >>10730653, >>10730657, >>10730670, >>10730813 Congress goes after PDJT's banking records this what they find related to (PB) >>10728087 >>10730382 Israeli Accused of Sex Abuse in Australia Can Be Extradited, Court Says >>10730463, >>10730472 Israel aerospace giant paid $155m to opaque firms linked to Azeri elites >>10730508, >>10730442 US Space Force deploys to vast new frontier: Arabian Desert >>10730605, >>10730710, >>10730719, >>10730795 M.I.A at Assange hearing >>10730628, >>10730634 Catherine Herridge thread re Russian Collusion >>10730694 I'm dead set on confirming @realDonaldTrump’s nominee >>10730736 PDJT Twat: Will be interviewed on @foxandfriends at 8:00 A.M. Enjoy! >>10730764 Bill & Ted star Alex Winter left with ‘extreme PTSD’ after surviving sexual abuse as a child actor >>10730777 PDJT twat: "The Trump Century, How Our President Changed the Course of History Forever". On sale tomorrow. >>10730826 WikiLeaks twat: If JA is guilty, so are others. The power has stepped in the quick sand >>10730808, >>10730835 Emmys 2020: Anthony Anderson makes Jimmy Kimmel chant 'Black Lives Matter' on stage >>10730847 #13733 Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the 8kun administration.

Anonymous 09/21/20 (Mon) 08:06:26 4734d2 (35) No.10730875>>10731401 #13732 >>10730062 SCS News Cap >>10730030 David Spade Throwin Shade from "The Cooler"! >>10730026 Comms. ConYe West? "Obsession" with Taylor Swift? Scooter? >>10729999 DEVELOPING: All Passengers on Epstein’s Flight Logs to Be Named – Epstein’s Rich and Famous Pals Panicking (The Gateway Pundit) >>10729946 Several hundred news sources about crimes against children from 09/14/2020 - 09/20/2020. Proving once again anyone calling our concern a conspiracy theory must be the ones touching the fucking kids. >>10729865 Enjoy the show. >>10729691, >>10729712, >>10729714, >>10729722, >>10729760, >>10729798, >>10729803, >>10729853, >>10729933, >>10729952, >>10730071, >>10730079 Q4740 Q328 Q432 Q435 - Video Drop Breakdown >>10729619 Bytedance says it will own 80% of TikTok Global contradicting Trump’s claims >>10729557 What drove Double Jeopardy for the bar owner? >>10729488 Process of filling the SCOTUS Seat >>10729464 Celebrity Endorsement: Biden digital ads target Puerto Rican voters with Marc Anthony (NBC) >>10729457, >>10729458, >>10729494, >>10729503 The Booms just keep getting BIGGER! QReview and RFK-Mike Tyson Interview >>10729454 Prisoner exchange between Israel and Hamas Suspended (TJP) >>10729449 Anon Suggests Akira method for overcoming FaceAche >>10729416 Portland Resident goes off on ANTIFA (Twitter\Cap) >>10729388 Hotel thugs dig results >>10729395 Staggering Ox, MT Pizzagate-like evidence research on half-chan >>10729385 Monday Morning Proverbs (Youtube) >>10729383, >>10729697, >>10729996, >>10730044, >>10730054 EVERY FUCKING TIME, DIG ON MEIDASTOUCH + BDT Academy Down & Results of Meidastouch dig >>10729371 BOTS ON PARADE! >>10729369, >>10729372, >>10729373, >>10729378, >>10729379 Resignations in the news 9/15/2020 thru 9/20/2020 (Various) >>10729355, >>10729382, >>10729402 Q told us to watch for the 10th Mountain Division… grabbed this off their twatter this weekend. (Twitter) >>10730081 #13732 #13731 Baker Change >>10729269 Anons Abundant RBG "News Timestamp Versus Anon Timestamp" >>10729100 Hotel Hotbed? >>10729005, >>10729024, >>10729206 Evening Night Shift Riders Anon is wondering. Those two bunker busters from the Bomber have me thinking… >>10728999, >>10729002 Video: Even FOX NEWS is Censoring Criticism of George Soros - Here's Why (Newsmax) >>10728893, >>10729063, >>10729176, >>10729255, >>10729264 Stay in the Truth & Pray for Clarity - Bible Debate >>10728889, >>10728911 On 8Kun Russhia\China - Notables Notable YOU! (Caps) >>10728888, >>10728955, >>10728984, >>10729006, >>10729170, >>10729215, >>10729277 Flashback: Eisenhower Filled SCOTUS Seat By Recess Appointment One Month Before 1956 Election+COVID-19 Batwoman!+RBG, Clinton in Arkansas >>10728811, >>10728814 New Dan Scavino tweet >>10728804, >>10729092 Nancy Nancy.. >>10728772, >>10729062 HAPPENING: BLM\ANTIFA Terrorist RAID ON Lindsey Graham and\or Mitch McConnell HOUSE AT 6 AM TOMORROW (Twitter\Rairfoundation) >>10728754 BLM Terrorists Attacking Citizens home with Paintballs (Twitter) >>10728750 EGBU27 is known as the hammer (Cap) >>10728739 Q3599 Review 6OClock >>10728699, >>10728938 PF Dubbin it >>10728688 The War on Populism: The Final Act (Consent >>10728673 Highlander Star Seagal's Novel… Novel Reflecting Eerie Relavence to now. ( >>10728597, >>10728786, >>10729212 Poll Flippers, Let's Wrap this up for them (KUTV\Twitter) >>10729300 #13731


>>10728458 Trump-supporting bar owner who defended his property from BLM rioter has taken his own life

>>10728419, >>10728349, >>10728419 Mickey Clock analyses

>>10728361, >>10728393 New Scavino vid - MAGA lion

>>10728253 Ivanka Trump, Attorney General Barr visiting Atlanta to discuss fight against human trafficking

>>10728210 11 arrested at first major anti-Netanyahu protest since start of new lockdown

>>10728087 The FinCEN files: Dirty little secrets of the world's banks revealed in mass US government leak

>>10728046 President Trump calls LA deputies injured in ambush

>>10727988 Antifa show up for non-existent 'Proud Boys' rally in Philadelphia—attack media instead

>>10727976 The GOP-led Senate Finance and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs committees plan to release a joint report on Biden

>>10727951 Planefags watching Gate Foundation jet

Baker Change / note collector

>>10727906 Stephen Cohen Has Died. Remember His Urgent Warnings Against The New Cold War.

>>10727837 San Francisco mayor announces monthly payments to some pregnant women, but only if black or Pacific Islander

>>10728489 #13730

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