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Brazil - Bolsonaro in Run Off Oct 30.

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

Apologies for few days worth of notables at once. Brazil for Bolsonaro in the run off Oct 30.


Anonymous 10/03/22 (Mon) 05:11:33 8b7032 (11) No.17623845

23:39 = 17 11:39 = 23 Donald J. Trump / @realDonaldTrump 10/02/2022 23:39:08 Truth Social: 109102258492682585 Congratulations to President of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro on greatly “outperforming” inaccurate early Fake News Media polls & getting into a two person runoff, to take place October 30th, with a Radical Left challenger. Now that other Conservatives are out of the race, President Bolsonaro is in a very strong position to win BIG. More importantly, he will be victorious because the wonderful people of Brazil appreciate the great job he has done, and is doing. Tremendous Voter Surge over last 24 hours!


UPDATE - Bolsonaro and Lula will go to a runoff on October 30th. Pollsters incorrectly expected a clear victory of over 50% for Lula before the election. 🔴Lula - 47.63% 🔵Bolsonaro - 43.88% 95% of votes counted.


Anonymous 10/02/22 (Sun) 18:04:16 6871d3 (4) No.17621868

Donald J. Trump / @realDonaldTrump 10/02/2022 18:00:25 Truth Social: 109100926587304048 Donald J. Trump / @realDonaldTrump 10/01/2022 21:37:33 Truth Social: 109096118093103407 BRAZIL, VOTE FOR JAIR BOLSONARO: There is a VERY BIG Election taking place tomorrow, one of Worldwide importance. A great and highly respected man, Brazil’s President, Jair Bolsonaro, is up for re-election, and based on all that he has done, and all that he is doing for the wonderful people of his beloved country, everyone should enthusiastically go out and VOTE for him. Jair Bolsonaro has my Complete and Total Endorsement. He will never let you down! Donald J. Trump reTruthed…


Anonymous 10/02/22 (Sun) 13:39:32 486a40 (27) No.17621132

Qtime Network 🇺🇸🇳🇱, [02.10.22 11:49] [Forwarded from ULTRA Pepe Lives Matter 🐸 (Pepe Lives Matter)] [ Video ] As we wait for Brazil's election results, the fake news has already begun its gaslighting campaign against Bolsonaro. They are saying his opponent leads in "opinion polls" right now, yet look at how large this man's rallies are. The people love those who are willing to fight back against globalism and speak the truth unashamedly. The mainstream media is the enemy of the truth. They want you to believe what they say and not what you can see with your own eyes.

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