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Body of Obamas personal chef found in the water near Obama's Martha's Vineyard home.

Anonymous 07/24/23 (Mon) 14:21:24 1b0dc5 (4) No.19233496


Anonymous 07/24/23 (Mon) 14:19:32 ea161b (27) No.19233482

From Last Bread… tyb Body of missing paddle boarder found in the water near Obama's Martha's Vineyard home. @ShadowofEzra

Anonymous 07/25/23 (Tue) 17:11:18 381c00 (4) No.19240152


Anonymous 07/25/23 (Tue) 16:45:33 381c00 (4) No.19240055

The Gateway Pundit @gatewaypundit WOW -- Story Changes: Barack and Michelle Obama WERE on Martha’s Vineyard When Their Private Chef Mysteriously Drowned


Anonymous 07/25/23 (Tue) 07:12:58 0bdc02 (1) No.19237739 Q Post 3474 was posted July 24th 2019, and is the lone Q post containing the word "chef" within it. Today Obama's chef was found dead "paddleboarding". 4 year delta to the day. unreal… Witness protection?


Anonymous 07/25/23 (Tue) 09:23:02 697e08 (12) No.19238152

Obama’s Personal Chef, Tafari Campbell, Who Mysteriously Drowned in Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard, Took Swimming Lessons in 2019, Video Reveals



Anonymous 07/24/23 (Mon) 22:29:23 223110 (10) No.19236397

World Drowning Prevention Day 2023 is tomorrow.

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