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Biden at Trade Union Conference - "If I gotta go to war, I'm going with you guys. I mean it.

> This feels like another one of those, "that's not what he meant" moments. They've been playing the double meaning game for some time now. I'm fairly sure its spook narrative control tactics. Just a theory of mine.

I told an old buddy I served with long ago about Q and the boards multiple times over the years. We live states apart now but he was the kind of person I thought would have been able to see what I saw and he just ignored it for other things. We still share important news regularly and occasionally we'll check in on each other just to see how were holding up in this messed up world. He is just now starting to realize how impossibly rigged everything is, but he has been aware on some level for a long time. He actually introduced me to politics and my first ever conspiracy film when were overseas. I haven't watched that film in over a decade now.

People get sucked into their own little worlds and train themselves to ignore the reality all around us. Most would rather be told what to think rather than think for themselves. My buddy is rightly pissed off about whats going on right now but doesn't quite see yet. I have been attempting to explain it as the chess match to normie friends. White hats vs black hats. Moves and countermoves.

They need to have the initial understanding we are fighting a war against an entrenched enemy within our own government, its largely unnanounced because the media is complicit and this war is and has been playing out in real time... Whether or not its all reality or large parts of it are just part of the elaborate psyop to catch scattering rats and wake up the world is TBD. Its beautifully terrifying either way.

NCSWIC. Pray for peace.


>odd venue

Anonymous 04/06/22 (Wed) 13:34:51 f151fa (15) No.16024005

BIDEN: "If I gotta go to war, I'm going with you guys. I mean it."


North American Building Trades


Put yourself in the position of an Active Duty soldier right now... I would be loosing my shit under command from this clown.

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