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Kash Patel drops NUKE on J6 Commission - Reveals Evidence that will Exonerate Trump

Anonymous 07/04/22 (Mon) 10:55:15 c36a00 (7) No.16595297


Anonymous 07/04/22 (Mon) 14:16:36 f67421 (4) No.16596535

You all want to know Q? Listen to this interview with Kash He speaks about the public only knowing 60% of what they know. 60-40. He was also saying he is getting to the Declas soon Another gem he dropped, That POTUS is basically still in charge. He also called Dan Savino his great friend I would imagine Don Jr. and Eric (if he wanted to be) and then other intel types One of the best interviews I have heard in a long time. And it's entertaining as well.

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