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Ben Garrison Nails it Again

Ben Garrison

Anonymous 12/11/21 (Sat) 19:59:28 9c8cfd (1) No.15178613

Here are four dangerous horsewomen that are making lives more miserable: 1. Ignorance In her quest to make everyone ‘safe,’ Oregon’s Governor Kate Brown has mandated permanent mask wearing for everyone in her state. 2. Inflation Janet Yellen was a Federal Reserve Chair who helped lead the parade of rising stock prices through constant quantitative easing. We are now seeing the result of constant printing: Out of control inflation. 3. Injections New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s net worth continues to grow. Some say she has amassed a $10 million fortune. Others say it’s as high as $25 million. Like Hillary, she no doubt engages in pay for play and what’s now in play in New Zealand are Covid injections. Lots of them. 4. Incompetence Just because a woman reaches a position of power doesn’t mean she’s any more competent than her male counterparts. In the case of Mayor Lori Lightfoot, her incompetence has lead to a disastrous decline of the once great city of Chicago. — Ben Garrison

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