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BCP (Open Source News) Interviews Sidney Powell’s expert that Tucker wouldn’t: Patrick Byrne

// Interview with former CEO of Overstock. Patrick Byrne, interview starts around 18 minutes.

Sidney Powell accepting donations at //

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BCP (Open Source News) Interviews Sidney Powell’s expert that Tucker wouldn’t: Patrick Byrne 3-pronged election fraud strategy reverse-engineered from the deep state: 1. Dominion / Smartmatic machines give excessive control to the precinct operator to change votes (drag-and-drop votes to a candidate). Ballot fails to scan? Press green button, put in a pile to be adjudicated layer - but operator can simply drag an entire batch at once 2. Sharpiegate (Maricopa), intentionally used (biro forbidden) on Election Day. Sworn affidavits from voters where the sharpie would cause the ballot scan error, poll worker said it’s ok press the green button = send to adjudication pile (see #1) 3. Statistical anomalies: less than a quadrillion to 1 chance to have thousands of ballots all for one candidate at once (but #1 + #2 explains why this occurred) The lawyers Byrne is working with (Sidney Powell, and Trump’s lawyers) are in possession of Dominion voting machines and code, which he funded security experts to audit (spend $40m+ of his own money). Federal crime to possess election software (why CM doesn’t want to touch it) but there are conditions where it can be audited. He has personally seen the vote drag’n’drop interface. More to come from BCP from this interview in the coming days

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>>11762057 Byrne is the one that came out last year sometime on CNN, Fox, MSNBC, and other networks whistleblowing about the DS. He was dating that Russian chick I can't remember her name. Remember? This is pretty major Byrne was a big deal and all the sudden after the interviews he gave, he disappeared remember? I have the interviews archived, but my hard drive is in storage right now. BIG BIG BIG

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