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Bannon- Elites Want To Limit The Global Population To 500 Million, Replace Homo Sapiens With Cyborgs

Steve Bannon talks about artificial intelligence, the singularity, and life-extension technology with Luke Rudkowski and Tim Pool on TimcastIRL.



Anonymous 11/24/21 (Wed) 01:42:58 e40afb (8) No.15069207

>>15069130 Elon Musk Claims His Mysterious Cyborg Dragon Tesla Is “Almost Done” We're not quite sure what to make of this one. James Dennin 6.25.2018 10:11 AM Even for a CEO who’s given to cryptic social media posts, Elon Musk’s pronouncement that, “btw”, he was working on a cyborg dragon was met with some confusion. Was he talking about the Dragon Capsule, which shuttles cargo to the International Space Station? Some sort of “not a flame thrower”-esque side project? Something else entirely? SpaceX and Tesla fans got an update over the weekend, with Musk Tweeting that the “Cyborg Dragon Tesla” was almost done. Careful observers will note that the original post made no mention of Tesla, giving speculators an extra beat of detail as to what the hell Musk is actually talking about.


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