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AZ State Rep Wendy Rogers Wants “Less Letters, More ARRESTS

Anonymous 10/12/21 (Tue) 00:12:05 ba8b91 (3) No.14769838

SCORCHED EARTH TIME IS COMING – AZ State Rep Wendy Rogers Wants “Less Letters, More ARRESTS” Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers is ready to go scorched earth on Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich. The Gateway Pundit reported that Mark Brnovich sent a letter to the Arizona Secretary of State’s office to begin his investigation into the fraudulent voter rolls. Eleven months later, this is a good start but still not enough. On Saturday, State Senator Wendy Rogers told her 208,000 Twitter followers that, she is about to go scorched earth if she doesn’t see progress from the Arizona Attorney General soon. By progress, she meant a full criminal investigation including immediate indictments and arrests. In response to AG Brnovich’s latest request, Rogers tweeted, Less letters, more subpoenas. Less requests, more warrants. Less talk, more arrests. Senator Rogers just tweeted, Good night to everyone but @GeneralBrnovich who hasn’t done anything yet to fix our broken elections! Start arresting people! Senator Rogers is leading the charge for decertification and she has amassed over one million signatures on her nationwide petition to decertify the fraudulent election. SIGN YOUR NAME HERE. Maricopa County residents are already seeing the same signs of mass mail-in voter fraud that was seen before the 2020 election. Arizona State Representative Travis Grantham said “something ain’t right”, after receiving another mail-in ballot for his sister that lives in California, following repeated attempts to cancel the voter registration and notify the County of the change. Rogers knows that time is of the essence with the local budget elections next month and the 2022 midterms. Based on the Arizona audit findings, statute violations, witness testimony, and the County’s refusal to cooperate, this election should have never been certified and Attorney General Mark Brnovich is failing our Nation.

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