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AZ Audit Update: Ballots and Machines Moved Out of Coliseum as They Evacuate

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AZ Audit Update: Ballots and Machines Moved Out of Coliseum as They Evacuate – Hoping For a Statement SOON On Thursday, Arizona Audit volunteers prepared the 2020 election ballots and machines to be transported out of The Arizona Veterans Memorial Coliseum. The auditors and their support team are vacating the coliseum after completing both the hand recount and paper evaluation of nearly 2.1 million ballots. The ballots are being moved using a forklift, placed onto a truck, and driven to a secure onsite location. They are taking extreme measures to ensure the ballots and machines are secure and protected. Before transporting a pallet, audit workers recheck the boxes on the pallet with chain of custody, wrap the boxes together with stretch-wrap, and load them onto the forklift. Tabulation machines are in the same casing that they were received in and audit officials have guaranteed they were protected and not compromised. The trucks with ballots and machines are escorted by police and other officials across the parking lot to another secure location. Auditors are still working around the clock to continually recheck their work and certify that all evidence is in the exact same condition it was received. The full forensic report is still not expected at least until August but we are hoping to see a preliminary report or a statement of some kind from the Arizona Senate. Yesterday The Gateway Pundit reported that Maricopa County Board of Supervisors Chairman Jack Sellers released a statement where he said “Release the report and be prepared to defend it.” Audit officials and the Arizona Senate are still awaiting the subpoenaed routers and passwords from Maricopa County. We are still hoping for a statement regarding the total number of ballots this week or next week.

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