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Australia - WE ARE NOW AT PHASE THREE Digital Identity Legislation Consultation Phases.

Anonymous 10/17/21 (Sun) 20:19:22 c66afa (36) No.14804534

Aussie Cossack #TheBoikovReport 17.10.21 06:37 AUSTRALIA - we have until 5pm on 27Oct21 =Aussies - this is URGENT - We've been distracted! WE ARE NOW AT PHASE THREE of this public consultation process! We must get to work on this. The whole covid system was built in order to create the vax AND THE DIGITAL PASS. Every AustraIian that you know needs to see this and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Please read through it carefully - start creating conversations in your groups about it, and support each other to go

through this and to put best efforts into participating in this call for 'having your say' (the respectful responses are those that will be listened to) The link

Please share - in particular - bring this to attention of group owners across platforms. If the screenshots won't transfer, just copy & paste text (or screenshot it) We need to treat this as an emergency - IT IS Covid IQ test created, then QR..Digital ID..Social Credit


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