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Another hit piece to discredit anons

Anonymous 11/04/21 (Thu) 07:42:50 a9c745 (9) No.14920902

Another hit piece to discredit anons Heard Rachel Maddow (last night) and Pat Grey (this morn) talking about it… '''QAnon supporters gather in downtown Dallas expecting JFK Jr. to reappear Some believe the reappearance of John F. Kennedy’s son, who died in a plane crash in 1999, will bring about the reinstatement of Donald Trump as president'''


Anonymous11/04/21 (Thu) 07:49:16e79e25 (4)No.14920914

People have been commemorating JFK for years -


Anonymous 11/04/21 (Thu) 08:07:10 46e57d (7) No.14920958

>>14920902 >>14920914 >>14920903 >Heard Rachel Maddow (last night) and Pat Grey (this morn) talking about it… >People have been commemorating JFK for years - this hit is coordinated. Trying to determine whether it's worth the energy to dig. Fake news used tourist crowds stemming from a Rolling Stones Dallas concert for cover to FF with muh JFK Jr tropes. Dealy Plaza and JFK is a top thing to do in Dallas. AT&T plaza is very close to Dealy Plaza. Start or join a telecancer channel. post muh jfk jr and Dallas a few times Send in a few plants, take pictures of a crowds and voila. Coordinated wrap up smear Almost every hit piece tracks to this faggot steven monacelli @stevanzetti There is currently a large crowd of what appears to be QAnon believers at the AT&T Discovery Plaza in downtown Dallas. A popular QAnon theory recently is that JFK Jr. of the Kennedy family will be making a big announcement at Dealey Plaza by the grassy knoll sometime tomorrow. the only one that doesn't is of course this homo The Dallas QAnon believers had become convinced the Kennedys would unveil themselves on Nov. 2 around 12:30 p.m. Central time, right around the timing of Kennedy’s assassination. Will Sommer Politics Reporter Updated Nov. 02, 2021 6:48PM ET Published Nov. 02, 2021 4:42PM ET


Anonymous 11/04/21 (Thu) 08:17:52 46e57d (7) No.14920993

>>14920958 >>14920958 It's Will Sommer who pushes the JFK Jr shit. He is desperate for Q to be sitfled and fake. Sommer is best buds with Jimmy Comet Been a while since I've seen this copypasta >Remember that fag Will Sommer who went on NPR's Kojo Nnamdi show with Jimmy Comet and Amanda Kleinman and they all pretended they were on a live call in show when they were really just shilling for Comet Ping Pong? He's tweeting about Qanon again.

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