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Anonymous donor from 'out of town' pays for funerals of ALL 20 Tennessee flash flooding victims

Anonymous 08/28/21 (Sat) 15:03:21 b14592 (24) No.14480848

Anonymous donor from 'out of town' pays for funerals of ALL 20 Tennessee flash flooding victims who included seven-month old twins and a 16-year-old.

Twenty people who died in a Tennessee flood have had their funerals paid for by an anonymous donor from 'out of town', a funeral home manager said. A man who wished to remain unnamed walked into the the Humphreys County Funeral Home in Waverly on Thursday and paid for the nine funerals being organized there. Manager William Brown told the Tennessean that the man also went to other funeral homes in the area to pay for the funerals of the other 11 victims. The donations came as hundreds of thousands of dollars flowed into the community from donors across the state and nation to help families affected by the devastating flood on Saturday. The flooding took out houses, roads, cellphone towers and telephone lines, with rainfall that more than tripled forecasts and shattered the state record for one-day rainfall. More than 270 homes were destroyed and 160 took major damage, according to the Humphreys County Emergency Management Agency. It comes after a Tennessee woman who was livestreaming rising flash-floodwaters drowned shortly after recording the video. Linda Almond, of Waverly, Tennessee, was on the roof of her home with her son, Tommy, when it collapsed and the pair were swept away by rushing water. Tommy was rescued by authorities, but Almond did not survive, her family confirmed on Facebook. Almond's one-minute Facebook live, which has now had more than 20,000 views, includes her final words: 'This is really scary. Oh my goodness. Oh my goodness.' As of Tuesday morning, at least 21 people were killed and 10 others missing as a result of catastrophic floods that came after 17 inches of rain fell over parts of Tennessee in a 24-hour period. Among those killed were two seven-month-old twins and the ranch foreman for country singer Loretta Lynn.

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