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Ambassador Bridge - Coutts and Ottowa Updates

Ambassador Bridge FREEDOM Convoy blockade . ( Drone 4k)

Feb 7, 2022

Johnny Teichroeb

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They steal gas and break more laws so what happened next ?

A large convoy headed out to the Windsor/Detroit border and created a blockade today ( Feb 07/2022) .

The Tunnel was left open for emergencies and this is a peaceful protest just like the one in Ottawa .

Feel free to say a little prayer for these hero’s as they continue fighting for not just Canadas freedom but for everyone else around the world !

Anonymous02/07/22 (Mon) 21:16:521329bf (7)No.15573087

>>15572919 (OP) Another battlefront opened on the Cabal, the Detroit > Canada border crossing. this is the biggest, in terms of $$$$, border crossing in the world. Hitting em where it hurts

Ambassador bridge Freedom Convoy in Windsor, all Hwy blocked


Anonymous 02/07/22 (Mon) 21:24:17 1329bf (7) No.15573163

>>15573120 >>15573087 The Ambassador Bridge is a tolled, international suspension bridge across the Detroit River that connects Detroit, Michigan, United States, with Windsor, Ontario, Canada. It is the busiest international border crossing in North America in terms of trade volume, carrying more than 25% of all merchandise trade between the United States and Canada. A 2004 Border Transportation Partnership study showed that 150,000 jobs in the Detroit–Windsor region and US$13 billion in annual production depend on the Detroit–Windsor international border crossing.



Anonymous 02/07/22 (Mon) 21:45:14 0ac4af (7) No.15573306

Bigger Trucks


Anonymous 02/07/22 (Mon) 21:46:28 bc7736 (31) No.15573313


Anonymous 02/07/22 (Mon) 19:42:06 47465e (1) No.15572200

Uh Oh Trudy's gettin mad Bwahahaha NOW - Canada's PM Trudeau: "Individuals are trying to blockade our economy, our democracy, and our fellow citizens' daily lives. It has to stop."


Anonymous 02/07/22 (Mon) 22:30:19 801375 (13) No.15573642

Feds in Ottawa Feds in Ottawa trying to entrap convoy members. Footage from:


Anonymous 02/07/22 (Mon) 22:34:37 801375 (13) No.15573673

Rumors about riot police coming and what they intend to do if it happens and what they want us to do if it happens.


Anonymous 02/07/22 (Mon) 22:37:23 ac43c8 (13) No.15573694

Ottowa Man Assaulted after Truck Hit by Police Cruiser


Accused Fed


I'm about 90% sure there is another video floating around of this guy running around the Friday before the Ottawa's official protest start, trying to push the 'cops are arresting people narrative' in attempt to scare people off. At first glance through the archives and I'm not finding it. I may have posted it in a previous Truckers for Freedom article. I know I've seen him before.

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