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Allison Mack just hired two new top notch criminal defense lawyers to make total of five

Allison Mack just hired two new top notch criminal defense lawyers to make five criminal defense lawyers on her team. Where did the money for Mack’s new defense lawyers come from?

Clare Bronfman’s money appears to be running dry. In any event Clare will not replenish the legal trust fund with new infusions of money.

There is only one logical answer for where new funds for new lawyers will come from. Mexico’s Salinas gang with an estimated net worth of seventeen billion dollars.

Why does the Salinas gang have so much philanthropy towards a second rate actress in a third rate TV show on a fourth rate TV network? A TV show that ended eight years ago.

Maybe Emiliano Salinas is really Superman (Superhombre).

Or maybe, just maybe, well-to-do foreign gangs found the money laundering and human trafficking operations of NXIVM to be useful and they want to preserve those operations.

Perhaps Mexico’s corrupt elite hopes to take over the remnants of NXIVM’s criminal activities.

Perhaps the criminal elite of Mexico see Raniere and Mack as a firewall to protect them from indictment. If Raniere and Mack can beat the rap, perhaps the US government will be discouraged from indicting Mexico’s corrupt elite. Mexico’s NXIVM included the children of two ex-Mexican Presidents. The children of Carlos Salinas and Vicente Fox.

Or maybe, just maybe, the Salinas gang wants to buy the silence of the NXIVM defendants.

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