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A truck with 100+ LAB MONKEYS overturned in a accident

Anonymous 01/21/22 (Fri) 19:09:53 33b47d (22) No.15432290

A truck with 100+LAB MONKEYS overturned in a accident on Rt 54 near Danville, Pa


Anonymous 01/21/22 (Fri) 19:23:19 33b47d (22) No.15432377

Several monkeys on the loose in Montour County after crash near Interstate 80

Danville, Pa. – Several monkeys are missing in Valley Township, Montour County, after a tractor trailer and dump truck collided this afternoon at Route 54 at the interchange with Interstate 80 westbound.

Trooper Andrea Pelachick of Pennsylvania State Police at Milton saidthree to four monkeyshave been missing since the crash occurred near Danville. The tractor trailer reportedly was carrying 100 monkeys to a lab when it crashed with a dump truck around 4 p.m.

Route 54 was closed for several hours, as responders worked to clear up the scene. Motorists were routed on a local detour, according to PennDOT.

If you see a monkey, call PSP Milton at (570) 524-2662 with a good location of where the animal was found. Trooper Pelachick advised that people not approach the monkeys.

it is 20 degrees out


Anonymous 01/21/22 (Fri) 19:10:40 74752c (8) No.15432294

>>15432290 I've seen this movie.


The Hundreth Monkey Effect

Anonymous 01/21/22 (Fri) 19:25:15 fdb368 (34) No.15432393

Cabal lost control? Comms to all players? 100 monkeys? They're 'loose'?


Truck transporting 100 monkeys crashes in Central PA, 4 monkeys on the loose

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