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Anonymous 10/26/22 (Wed) 20:47:04 75f417 (2) No.17708108

>>17708090 Sometimes your TOTP will be invalid. There is no getting around that. Time delays etc. This is not the ideal way to run this show. There is no law enforcement here. There are no reports that are followed up on, or taken seriously. We are literally fighting Skynet. Please don't think like a bot. Don't sew dissension here. Each time we level up. It gets harder for everyone, you and I included. Maybe you are just a sunshine patriot. I don't know. The easier I make it for you, the easier it is for Skynet. You figured out how to post here. So just BTFO. Quit being part of the problem. >>17708095 It is frustrating, and I am sorry for the inconvenience. I have warned people that it would not get easier until January. People need to realize the reason they are here. It is not for the ease of posting. You can easily just stay on Facebook, and get edgy with Reddit if you have a wild hair. This is a different place, and it is digging into the Deep State's hide. If we give in. We lose everything. I will do my best to make it better, but there will be plenty of more changes to come. Please complain to the authorities that are not enforcing the law and are instead helping the powerful subvert the law. We need to keep on digging. We need to keep on making memes, and we need to keep on praying.


Anonymous 10/26/22 (Wed) 20:56:41 8e7272 (4) No.17708118

Use proton mail to set up an anonymous email account for 8kun use only. WWW.PROTON.ME DO NOT ENTER ANY IDENTIFIABLE ACCOUNT RECOVERY INFO.

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