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Pretty Technical not sure how many here will find useful. Posting for easy reference.


Anonymous 01/12/21 (Tue) 03:31:25 d01a9f (8) No.12478304

It seems a lot of people are having issues connecting to /qresearch/ or 8kun for that matter. This fix is being tossed around the board with usually great results. The issue appears to be with many people DNS servers, whether they are using Googles DNS or their own ISP's. With the way things are going lately, this may apply to more and more websites soon. Might as well just get ahead of it. The solution for many was to just switch to OpenDNS. I've personally used it for years so I haven't had any issues but if you're having trouble connecting to 8kun, give this a try and see if it helps. If this solution doesn't work for you and you are still unable to connect to 8kun then it is a different issue entirely. Don't worry this is really easy to do, and if you don't get good results it takes a second to revert back. –Setting up OpenDNS– The DNS servers for OpenDNS are: I've personally used this in so many devices that I have them memorized, lol.. Router configuration (Recommended. Just select the brand of router you have and follow the tutorial) Windows 10 configuration

Windows 7 configuration

OSX Yosemite and El Capitan configuration

iOS 11 configuration

iOS 10 configuration

Android configuration

If you're on Linux I'm gonna assume you already know how to add them. Otherwise check the link below. Search through here if you don't see your specific device

I'm only shilling OpenDNS because that is the only one I know and use, I'm not sponsored lol but if there are any other good DNS services out there then feel free to try those too. Again, I only bring this up because it is being mentioned everywhere on the board right now as a working solution to connectivity issues. It's not going to make your internet faster or do anything a VPN would do, but it may become more important to us sooner than we know. Feel free to correct me on any of this info, but it appears to be helping lots of anons the past few days. Have a good /NightShift/


Anonymous 01/12/21 (Tue) 03:52:40 000000 (51) No.12478438

>>12478411 >>12478156 (PB) >>12478247 (PB) Potential Resolution for Current ClearNet Issues Effecting Some Anons anon earlier today said switching to OpenDNS IP routing (as opposed to the more commonly used GoogleDNS IP routing that almost all ISP's set you up with my default) had solved the problems for them VERY BASIC PRIMER ON DNS: The servers that route your internet requests don't understand domain names like They only understand numeric IP addresses like, or the longer numeric addresses from the modern IPv6 system. To resolve this impasse, the Domain Name System, or DNS handles translating friendly domain names to numeric IP addresses. Your home network typically relies on a DNS Server supplied by your ISP. After your browser sends the server a domain name, the server goes through a moderately complex interaction with other servers to return the corresponding IP address, thoroughly vetted and verified. If it's a much-used domain, the DNS Server may have that information cached, for speedier access. So now you know what the DNS does It is probably not hard to imagine how easy it would be for Google to decide to STOP caching the DNS routing table in which case if you relied on GoogleDNS you will have a borked experience of SOLUTION? -use different Domain Name Servers (DNS) TO BE VERY CLEAR -I am not claiming this is safe for vetted -I am only claiming I tried it and it works there are (as I understand it) multiple different Doman Name Server IP Routing services to choose from for obvious reasons Google is most popular (yawn) the second most popular option it seems is OpenDNS (just based on cursory search results) I have only tested the OpenDNS address to be working for me, but others may also work OpenDNS IP Routing Address's PRIMARY: SECONDARY: So, how do you change (You)r's? there are a few levels it can be done from you can do it at the router level and it will apply to all devices using that router or you can do it at the device level, and it will only apply to the device you change it on the instruction, regardless, will be device dependent the easiest way is going to be a basic search using the name of the device (phone/ laptop/ router/ etc.) you are using and then the phrase "how to change DNS" as in: "android phone how to change DNS" Example for Android Devices: It will basically be the same thing for other devices, with different settings pages to navigate through depending on the device After you have input the NEW DNS addresses wherever you needed to place them, re-start your device (or manually "flush" your DNS resolver cahce) example for Windows: -from elevated command prompt: ipconfig /flushdns Go to this web-page to verify the settings have been applied succesfully(OpenDNS): >


Anonymous 01/12/21 (Tue) 03:52:40 000000 (51) No.12478438

>>12478438 For those who are not so technically inclined to understand the DNS information in link above, this application is for you. After you install the easy & simple program, it can test all the main DNS servers for speeds for your PC with one button click. All that various DNS talked about in previous posts are there. You can select them, and let it do all the dirty technical parts for you. Click one, bam your done! DNS Jumper. Sadly, I've tried a few differing DNS and I still cannot use Brave to access Qresearch. Tor for now…


Anonymous 01/12/21 (Tue) 05:41:51 92b278 (4) No.12479026

>>12478438 OpenDNS uses blocklists, I believe. It's one you would use for parental controls, etc. I would try US level 3 servers from to They're about the same speed as google, cloudfare and quad9 Simple DNS is a free program to set your DNS servers if you run windows. You don't have to take the fastest one if you run a test and google is the fastest, just highlight a US Level 3 server and apply that. You can also type in a DNS server manually. DNScrypt is a good idea, too. Run it and set as your DNS, but don't set if DNScrypt is not installed or running! Other thing to check is what your DNS router uses. May want to disable router DNS if you have a good DNS setup in your network. If you know your way around, pihole does a good job in this regard.

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