6170-6179 LOAF


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#6179 Baker Change

>>4840441, >>4840397 (pb) New DJT

>>4840529 James Woods loves his (You) from DJT

>>4840521 10 UN peacekeepers killed in jihadist attack in Mali

>>4840731, >>4840487 Keks of the bucket

>>4840932, >>4840780, >>4840963, >>4840955 MAGA teen statement and video

>>4840984, >>4840834 SBMoon pic over Empire State

>>4841078 Faux-cahontas part Deux EXPOSED

>>4841125 #6179


>>4840224 Reminder: The Podesta Group was PR company for Amber Ready Inc

>>4840172 Moar on John Kerry in Hanoi: Doing clean up work in [Old Guard] sites?

>>4840009 , >>4840011 Covington HS Updates

>>4839980 Judge demolishes theory that climate change is to blame for California wildfires

>>4839976 POTUS tweet: FLOTUS doesn't get the credit she deserves

>>4839996 POTUS rt's Sir James Woods: "Thanks James"

>>4839829 Hanoi Lists of P.O.W.'s Are Made Public by US, no mention of NoName

>>4839832 Fresh POTUS tweet re Senator Risch to head SFRC

>>4839817 The Constitution re: arresting traitor senators/reps

>>4839799 , >>4839878, >>4840012 POTUS' rt Storms II & III

>>4839915 , >>4839977, >>4839999, >>4840097, >>4840103 Mysterious Post: Ammo bunkers?

>>4839867 , >>4839907, >>4839992, >>4840052, >>4840062 New mysterious post: 'No Safe Places' Cont.

>>4839776 , >>4839851, >>4839864, >>4839926, >>4839865, >>4840027 New mysterious post: 'No Safe Places'

>>4839734 Trump, Erdogan discuss Syria, boosting U.S.-Turkish trade: White House

>>4839717 New POTUS_Schedule for Monday

>>4840342 #6178


>>4839451 Why Washington is Courting Hanoi in Vain

>>4839252 All POTUS' tweets mentioning 'election'

>>4839165 POTUS on a rt storm

>>4839098 , >>4839145, >>4839231, >>4839199, >>4839220 Covington connected to 'native' Warren?

>>4839104 , >>4839482 Enlarged WH bucket, or is it a trash can, re 'cleaning house?'

>>4839094 BLEXIT Live with Candace Owens, Larry Elder & others

>>4839031 , >>4839115, >>4839210, >>4839229, >>4839562 Covington HS Updates

>>4838946 Article on FLOTUS on the two year inauguration anniversary

>>4838979 , >>4839102 Moar on the Mysterious Posts co-ords

>>4839053 , >>4839075 Eyes On Hanoi Dig: Human Trafficking in Vietnam

>>4838987 , >>4839457, >>4839180 Eyes On Hanoi: John Kerry & HRC in Hanoi

>>4838978 Graphic on David Margola, Yoda and the 'Thank you David' POTUS tweet

>>4839512, >>4839486, >>4839441, >>4839438 Israel Carry Out New Airstrikes On Damascus

>>4839754 #6177


>>4838775 Dem Sen rejects Trump’s plan even though he recently supported similar plan

>>4838623 New POTUS_Schedule re POTUS' call with Erdogan

>>4838490 , >>4838584, >>4838657 Hanoi: Eyes On

>>4838422 Missed it? Judge Janine's epic opening statement from yesterday

>>4838365 Q posts from 1 year ago (plus 2 days) connect to POTUS tweets?

>>4838349 Ambrosia: the startup harvesting the blood of the young. Dig

>>4838320 , >>4838352, >>4838462, >>4838468, >>4838668, >>4838442 Mysterious posts: Decodes

>>4838259 , >>4838325, >>4838329, >>4838615, >>4838664, >>4838578 Covington Catholic HS Updates

>>4838234 , >>4838255, >>4838508 Moar Farm. Co-ords: Ocean City, MD Muni-Airport and GITMO

>>4838231 , >>4838292, >>4838805 The bucket in the WH window. Leaks?

>>4838213 CNN taps Valerie Jarrett's daughter to cover Trump DOJ

>>4838206 Is there another reason Nancy doesn't want a recess?

>>4838833 #6176


#6175 Baker change

>>4837947 Biden's Son & the Case Against a Ukrainian Oligarch

>>4837879 Big Haiti connection: Jim Yong Kim founded nonprofit "Partners in Health"

>>4837748 Hive mind or moar?

>>4837740 Doc: Nunes to Sessions: FBI may have violated criminal statutes in Carter Page FISA application

>>4837723 Apologies to Covington catholic students flood twitter

>>4837717 Thread for the steganographic analysis of Q's images and videos

>>4837679 , >>4837484, >>4837427 Using Stenography to reveal code embedded in Q pics, vids, & posts

>>4837639 Gilets Jaunes riots: Update from Montpellier

>>4837631 Dems who pushed BuzzFeed report silent

>>4837586 New POTUS tweet re cold weather

>>4837577 Article: Lisa Page said to have given lawmakers eye-opening testimony

>>4837527 , >>4837587 POTUS Retweet Storm: Side x Side

>>4837512 A Convenient Killing of US Troops in Syria

>>4837463 Pence: North Korea taken no 'concrete steps

>>4837457 , >>4837477, >>4837531 Farm digs continued

>>4837428 BuzzFeed’s report disputed By Mueller, but Schiff going to investigate anyway

>>4838056 #6175


>>4836640 Fire damages Fox, C-SPAN, MSNBC studios

>>4836655 2 yr mark comprehensive list of resignations and firings. (not a complete list)

>>4836673 The Definitive List Of US/UK Media "Russiagate" Fake Stories

>>4836742 Schiff: Congress Will ‘Absolutely’ Investigate BuzzFeed Claims

>>4836641 2014 Plans for Reverse Migration of Some Israeli's to Ukraine/Crimea/Khazaria?

>>4837014 Heads up re: China's production & trade position compared to USA

>>4837015, >>4837132 Rapid fire DJT retweets

>>4837023, >>4837052 Epoch Times: 70 different ways President Donald Trump has changed America so far

>>4837054 House cleaning? There's been a bucket on display in a White House window for several days

>>4837082 Graham: Trump should meet Pakistan's leader to reset relations

>>4836977, >>4837036, >>4837088 Anons on a 41818-like effort for forensic analysis (from lb notable)

>>4837096 ZH: The Definitive List Of US/UK Media "Russiagate" Fake Stories

>>4837209 WH tweet: President Trump's pro-growth policies have ignited a historic BOOM

>>4837230 Senior Demonrat wants to ban teens from wearing MAGA hats

>>4837369 #6174


>>4836056 , >>4836112 Missing note on 'The Farm' posts: 'Playhouse Active'

>>4836023 There's no plan for Syria after US troop withdrawal

>>4835984 Trump flag fallout: Jordan HS team pulls out of game at Minneapolis Roosevelt

>>4835970 Bush Ran a Secret National Security Team as VP, Says Seymour Hersh

>>4835923 The Secret Service Code names for 'The Farm' posts

>>4835916 Relevant parts from USC 274/284 ref lb's posts

>>4835906 The Greatest Scam – History of The Federal Reserve: A collection of resources

>>4835897 The Hill today, also preparing normies for "deepfake" videos

>>4835890 New DJT: Looking forward to meeting Kim Jong Un

>>4835884 Labor's position on Brexit negotiations is to rule out No Deal

>>4835835 New two year in WH anniversary tweet from FLOTUS

>>4835832 New DJT with new 'America First' video

Baker Change

>>4836167, >>4836205 Breaking: Colombia's Transandino oil pipeline struck by bomb attack

>>4836175, >>4836456 More FARM post decodes

>>4836083 Attorney says he is willing to represent pro-life Catholic children for free if they sue NYT for spreading fake news

>>4836246 Israel and Chad restore diplomatic relations after nearly 50 years

>>4836298 “Below 1%”: The Monarch Butterfly (MKUltra symbol) Is Approaching Total and Irreversible Extinction

>>4836369 Anon calls for more forensic analysis of Q posts images and videos etc

>>4836482 "We can't get into the details there": Buzzfeed reporter failed to fuckery

>>4836570 #6173



>>4835693 Celebs and Families of Kennedy and MLK Demand New Probes

>>4835582 Le Pen appeals to ‘Yellow Vest’ movement ahead of EU elections

>>4835453, >>4835566, >>4835236 Discussions on pb post re contract with Nancy >>4834490

>>4835446 Australia Signs Agreement to Secure Trade with Post-Brexit Britain

>>4835380 Nigel Farage to lead now pro-Brexit party if EU departure delayed

>>4835210 , >>4835231 Syria repels IDF air raid on intl airport south of Damascus

>>4835209 Notable Atom Bomb from WH Visitor Logs

>>4835192 , >>4835261, >>4835288 Mark Meadows straight talks on the wall and USC 274/284

>>4835168 US, North Korea Choose Vietnam As Location For Second Summit

>>4835161 Nov 5 Qdrop re: safety at sporting events (And DC)

>>4835423 , 4835644, >>4835663 Moar on the 'Farm' posts from lb (cont from below)

>>4835151 , >>4835432, >>4835178, >>4835205, >>4835235, >>4835279 Moar on the 'Farm' posts from lb

>>4835145 Graham: US-Saudi Ties Can't Move Forward Until Crown Prince MbS "Dealt With"

>>4835061 , >>4835142 A look at Port San Antonio

>>4835036 Coincidence found with Q's film signatories

>>4835756 #6172


>>4834912 Sauce showing the HTH number is the same as Q's previous post

>>4834740 "lefties", the Feistel cipher, Lucifer and No Such Agency - connected?

>>4834691 Declassified CIA documents on pole inversion

>>4834481 , >>4834507, >>4834663 Mysterious post leads to Camp Peary, 'The Farm'

>>4834450 POTUS tweet and QPost, "A clean house is very important"

>>4834565 , >>4834612, >>4834927 This video totally destroys the Fake News coverage on Covington Catholic

>>4834490 A contract with Nancy: Minor lawfag weighs in

>>4834418 Abe to propose creating global rules on data flow in Davos speech

>>4834417 Donna "BOO" Barzallie Q post 1 year delta of CLAS doc

>>4834407 Reminder of best image sizes for twitter

>>4834396 Peak level autism: Super Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse ZENITH over GITMO

>>4834389 Taocon dig

>>4834387 Pence slams Buzzfeed 'obsession,' decries 'disappointing' Pelosi rejection of Trump's plan

>>4834324 The debate over deepfakes and doctored content is only intensifying

>>4834381 Two year anniversary of POTUS' inauguration today

>>4835365 #6171


>>4834186 Human Trafficking Hotline dig

>>4834094 Polaris Dig, re the Human Trafficking Hotline. Dig

>>4833887 , >>4834071 Phone Number on AZ Human Trafficking billboard tied to the Clinton Foundation

>>4833919 , >>4834011, >>4834141 Dig into APCO and NODO

Baker change ^^^^^

>>4833969 2018 GOP House Intelligence Committee memo revealing FBI KNEW Steele dossier was fake turned out to be spot-on

>>4833796 Covington Catholic Student Begs Local TV News to Tell the Truth About Native American Incident In DC

>>4833795 SJ priest, "chaplain to Colbert nation" runs obvious FF psyop; MSM eagerly propagates

>>4833682, >>4833272 Stay at home Q confirmation

>>4833870 Davos Men Gather Under a Cloud as Globalism in Retreat Worldwide

>>4833837 New DoD tweet

>>4833587 Updated Timeline for Alabama Election Fraud DIGG (AET, Morgan, Dickerson, Shane, and WaPo): Who really wrote the damning report??

>>4833731 Lisa Page was promised job at former Mueller law firm

>>4833727 Why is the executive director of Orginize Florida retweeting NY ANTIFA

>>4833705 Here are the declassified CIA documents on pole inversion

>>4833670 People Are Waking Up

>>4834207 #6170

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