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>>4817482 And If I Decide To Run.. Easily Go Down As The Greatest President In The History Of The United States

>>4817500, >>4817600, >>4817645, >>4817752, >>4817839 POTUS Hosts Naturalization Ceremony In The Oval Office Prior To Speech

>>4817638 Elon Musk Slashes Workforce, Says Road Ahead For Tesla Looks ‘Very Difficult’

>>4817666, >>4817919 Facebook Paid Hundreds Of Thousands To Host Anti-Brexit 'Fake News'

>>4817825 The Complete History of Monsanto, “The World’s Most Evil Corporation

>>4817923, >>4817956 USAID Abandons Palestinian Water Projects

>>4817954, >>4817965, >>4817998, >>4818106 Life inside Guantanamo Bay detention facility

>>4817821, >>4817970, >>4818042, >>4818115, >>4818150, >>4817928 "fake opoid crisis" anons are discussing this

>>4817972 Big Tech Platforms ‘Definitely Collaborate’ on Censorship ‘Methods’

>>4818066, >>4818109 A 'Convenient Killing' Of US Troops In Syria

>>4818111 Ethiopia Readies 'Massive Offensive' On Al-Shabab In Somalia

>>4818171 #6149


>>4816694 Police arrest Toronto man allegedly behind international sex trafficking ring with thousands of possible customers

>>4816705 Sauce on Buzzfeed investors, NBC and Andreessen Horowitz

>>4816728 Former GAA photographer arrested in New York in connection with over 300 child sex offense charges in Ireland

>>4816772, >>4816920 British People Know Politicians are Out of Touch

>>4816778 Anon on Ilhan Omar appointed to the House Foreign Relations Committee

>>4816809 Moar on the possible significance of the Diplomatic Reception room

>>4816813, >>4816968, >>4817331 Dig on Congressman Will Hurd who called a border crisis a "myth"

>>4816835 Nursing home-to-judiciary money trail: Bribery case links to Supreme Court justice

>>4817081, >>4817093 HRC spotted at a Broadway play

>>4817108 GAA Update "Happy Popcorn Day" Edition

>>4817313 1/19/19 Graphic

>>4817394 #6148


>>4815967, >>4815972, >>4815990, >>4816024, >>4816534 Anons on the Talmund

>>4815998 Washington State legislator dons Yellow Vest during State of the State address to protest carbon tax

>>4816012 Dig on "Project Birmingham"

>>4816057 Graphic on Minutes Deltas

>>4816073 Dig on SAIC and Leidos

>>4816062 Anon: Democrats should re-study what happened on 9/11 and what poor security led to

>>4816177 Mueller's Office Confirms Buzzfeed's Trump-Cohen Story Is Fake News (ZH summary)

>>4816257 U.S. Citizen Arrested for Possession of Over $650K in Cocaine, Heroin at San Clemente Border Patrol Station

>>4816270 Oregon transportation director resigning

>>4816330, >>4816385 Past article by the BuzzFeed "reporters" that Mueller btfo'd

>>4816379 Advocates call for priest abuse list to also include names of those who helped with cover-ups

>>4816382 Dig on Brennan

>>4816486 Barr as a CIA operative (did POTUS flip him?)

>>4816514, >>4816587 Moar on the Top Obama Donor Indicted for Raping a Child, Terry Bean

>>4816594 California ICE contractor accused in Florida child sex sting

>>4816807 #6147

#6146 Baker Change

>>4815255 Sydney, Australia Yellow Vest Protest pics

>>4815405 Petition for the removal and arrest of IIhan A. Omar for Marriage Fraud

>>4815432 Leaked Video Appears To Show An F-35 Hitting 5 Precision Targets At Once In 'Beast Mode'

>>4815594 4 Americans killed in Syria had skills needed for highly-sensitive intelligence gathering

>>4815583 Tsar Nicholas II Stood in the Way of Jewish Global Dominance

>>4815644 Turks, Neocons Still Scheming as Syria Returns to Normal

>>4815666 Drug maker payments to doctors are linked to higher opioid overdose deaths

>>4815726 POTUS major announcement tomorrow will be in the W. H. Diplomatic Reception Room

>>4815841 Video: Montage of MSM Calling for Trump Impeachment Following BuzzFeed's Fake News

>>4815859 #6146



>>4814462 FVEY, Fusion Centers, & how our data is collected, shared, sold to foreign intelligence services, US. Gov, Fed

>>4814395, >>4814666, >>4814691 Anon monitoring terror attack in Oslo - no news yet

>>4814723 Anon recommends long but excellent read: 2011 time magazine article on Mueller

>>4814580, >>4814654, >>4814772 AET Dig

>>4814865 CNN & MSNBC collectively used the word “impeach” nearly 200 times on Friday before SC office disputed BuzzFeef report

>>4815078 #6145


>>4813621, >>4813622, >>4813676 New POTUS tweet + hivemind + victory approaches..

>>4814236 CNN trying to predict POTUS moves

>>4813642, >>4814150 Anons' summary/analysis of Buzzfeed fuckery - part of the plan?

>>4813666 POTUS schedule 1/19 - 1/20

>>4813884, >>4813908 Buzzfeed fuckery helping POTUS set the stage for exposing MSM as Fake News & ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE!

>>4814078 Kellyane Conway tweet: BOOM-ER-ANG

>>4814317 #6144

#6143 Baker Change

>>4812867 Bye Bye Buzzfeed (repost of October graphic/meme)

>>4812947 Q clock update for the night shift

>>4812936 Satanic Tourism in the Spanish city of Segovia

>>4812978 New POTUS tweet and video + retweets

>>4813015 The tables have turned and MSM are the real conspiracy theorists

>>4812982 Shot heard round the world clocks

>>4813050 Today was a good day: anon summary/analysis

>>4813126, >>4813209, >>4813345, >>4813431 Breaking news: Pipeline explosion in Tiahuelilpan, Mexico: 54 injured, 20 dead

>>4813265 Georgia Anon reminds us Atlanta is child/sex trafficking hotspot

>>4812856, >>4812859, >>4812864 Trying To Make Sense Of The Alabama Controversy

>>4813390 Planefag report

>>4812955 Reminder: Q post on Mueller: "SC on team or off team?..Time will tell"

>>4813555 #6413


>>4812595, >>4812669 Tucker stating Klobacher seemed to have read the Buzzfeed report ahead of time, based on her line of questioning. (video of Klob's questions)

>>4812260 Ron DeSantis rescinds last-minute Scott appointments, including Parkland dad Andrew Pollack.

>>4812177, >>4812386 DJT's birthday had a blood moon.

>>4812325, >>4812331, >>4812339 Syria update.

>>4812196 Dan Bongino Tweet: "We called it. FAKE NEWS!"

>>4812277 Jr. continues the Twitter asswhooping.

>>4812156 Q posted 17 crumbs on 1.19.18.

>>4812150 Cohen seen returning home from surgery?

>>4812104 James Baker admits he didn't read FISA, didn't read Woods file.

>>4812091, >>4812176 New DJT Tweet: "Just a son who loves his Dad. Nice!"

>>4812040, >>4812084 The Salt™ is real.

>>4812810 #6142


>>4811676, >>4811960, >>4811973 DJT Jr. trolling Fake News on Twitter.

>>4811715 Judicial crisis network to Senate Democrats: Stop bullying Federal Judges.

>>4811711, >>4811879 Prominent LGBT activist, Democratic donor charged in teen sex abuse case.

>>4811583, >>4811685 Less then 24 Hours later Buzzfeed story falls apart.

>>4811568 FBI: 30-40 children sex trafficked within metro Detroit during Detroit Auto Show.

>>4811990 #6141



>>4810578 New DJT at 5:51 est (5:5)

>>4810577, >>4810662 Remember The Day - Jan 19th /Shot heard around the world

>>4810851 maybe the 3pm announcement starts/ends at 3:14/3:15/3:14:40

>>4810634 another article on >>4810380 (pb) Toronto man/Sex traf ring

>>4811016 US Marshals JPAT Boeing 737 prisoner transport departed San Juan PR today (adsb)

>>4810589, >>4810821 Multi-layered decode of DJT "grape" reference / Grapes of Wrath

>>4811090 Life inside Guantanamo Bay (chicago tribune)

>>4811111 quints get -Mitch Mc 'Suborning perjury is high crime and misdemeanor'

>>4811154 Pence speaking at March for Life dinner soon

>>4811247 #6140

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